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The Quad DisplayPort KVM Switch offers a tailored solution for radiologists seeking to optimize their workflow. With a focus on practicality and functionality, this device is designed to seamlessly integrate into your workspace. Featuring support for quad monitors with crisp 4K resolution at 60 Hz, you can trust in the accuracy of your imaging. Connect your peripherals effortlessly with 2 x SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hubs (5Gbps), 4 USB 2.0 HID ports, and 3 microphone ports for comprehensive connectivity. Switch between workstations with ease, ensuring uninterrupted productivity throughout your tasks. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of the Quad DisplayPort KVM Switch, tailored to meet the unique needs of radiologists.

Quad DisplayPort KVM Switch

Experience unparalleled workflow efficiency with the Quad DisplayPort KVM Switch. Seamlessly switch up to 4 diagnostic displays at maximum resolution of 8MP per display between two workstations with a simple click of a button. Bid farewell to cumbersome setups and welcome unmatched convenience as you effortlessly navigate between PACS, enhancing productivity with ease and convenience.

Linking Two Workstations with Support for up to Four Monitors

Imagine the power of seamlessly connecting two workstations, empowering radiologists with unparalleled efficiency and productivity. With the Quad DisplayPort KVM Switch solution, radiologists can now effortlessly integrate up to four monitors, revolutionizing their workflow. Gone are the days of toggling between multiple systems; instead, they can consolidate their tasks onto a single interface, enhancing focus and streamlining processes. This innovative technology not only reduces clutter but also minimizes the risk of errors, ensuring accurate diagnoses and optimal patient care. By centralizing control and maximizing screen real estate, the Quad DisplayPort KVM Switch solution empowers radiologists to work more efficiently than ever before, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and enhanced patient experiences

Unleashing Flexibility with Quad DisplayPort KVM Switch Solution

Moreover, Quad DisplayPort KVM Switch solution offers radiologists unmatched flexibility to cater to diverse diagnostic requirements effortlessly, including mammography. Whether interpreting complex imaging studies, such as MRI scans, CT scans, X-rays, or mammograms, radiologists can seamlessly switch between workstations with a simple button, ensuring they have access to the necessary tools and data at all times. This adaptability not only enhances workflow efficiency but also enables radiologists to respond promptly to urgent cases without disruption. By enabling radiologists to tailor their workspace to suit specific diagnostic requirements, the Quad DisplayPort KVM Switch solution enhances their efficiency, ensuring accurate and timely diagnoses with confidence across various medical imaging modalities.

Sharing Your Dictation Mic Across Two Workstations Quad DisplayPort KVM Switch designed for sharing your dictation microphone across two workstations. This technology offers several benefits, starting with improved workflow. By integrating your dictation mic seamlessly, you simplify your setup, reducing clutter and optimizing desk space. With the ability to switch effortlessly between workstations, you gain flexibility, allowing you to focus on tasks without interruption. Additionally, centralized control enhances efficiency, ensuring smooth transitions between dictation tasks on different systems. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with Quad DisplayPort KVM Switch solution.

High-Performance CPUs and Reliable ECC Memory Quad DisplayPort Quad DisplayPort KVM Switch is the ultimate solution for streamlining connectivity and optimizing workspace efficiency. With dimensions of W:160 mm (3.6"), H: 92 mm (3.6"), and a weight of just 1 kg (2.2 lbs), this sleek device seamlessly integrates into any setup, minimizing clutter and maximizing desk space. Its compact design, with a depth of only 100 mm (3.9"), ensures it fits snugly into your workstation without taking up valuable real estate. The KVM switch offers versatile input and output ports, effortlessly connecting up to four monitors for enhanced productivity. Despite its small size, it delivers seamless performance and effortless switching between two workstations, while also allowing you to share your dictation microphone with ease. Experience the convenience and functionality of's compact KVM switch and take your workflow to new heights.


  • Enhance Efficiency: Switch between two computers with four monitors using USB and DisplayPort video from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse using keyboard hotkeys or push buttons to switch between active computers 
  • Quad 4K 60Hz UHD Display: DisplayPort quad screen KVM switch supports up to 4K at 60Hz on four monitors for applications like PACS, Radiology Medical Imaging, video editing, and content creation; works with major brands, including Barco®, Eizo, JVC, HP, Dell, and Lenovo 
  • Technical Specifications: 2 Port KVM Quad Display DisplayPort 1.2, 3840 x 2160 60 Hz HDCP 2.2 HDR Support 2 Port USB 3.0 Hub 4x USB HID Hotkey & Push Button OS Independent Stereo Analog + Digital Audio DP + USB Console 
  • User-Friendly Design: KVM switch with compact & durable steel housing features large buttons & easily accessible front-mounted integrated USB 3.0 port 5Gbps (USB 3.1/3.2 Gen 1) for sharing USB devices between connected computers's KVM Switch with Versatile Input and Output Ports

1. Console USB HID Ports: 4 x USB Human Interface Devices (HID) (e.g Keyboard, Mouse, Trackpad, Number Keypad, Drawing Tablet)
2. Console USB HID Ports: 2 x SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen 1) Peripheral Devices

3. Port Selection LED Indicators: Green: PC 1 and/or PC 2 connected (power on), Red: PC 1 or PC 2 selected (power on)

4. Port Selection Button: Press the Port Selection Button to select PC1 or 2
5. Console DisplayPort Output Ports: 4 x Console DisplayPort Displays

6. PC 2 DisplayPort Input Ports: Console DisplayPort Displays on PC2

7. PC 1 DisplayPort Input Ports: 4 x Console DisplayPort Displays on PC1
8. Power Input Port: 1 x DC 12V Power Source to power the KVM Switch

9. Console Audio Port: Connect an Audio Device (Stereo Speakers or Microphone)

10. PC 2 USB Port: Connect to a SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen 1 Port on PC 2)

11. PC 2 Audio Port: Connect to an Audio Port (for Stereo Speaker or a Microphone) on PC 2

12. PC 1 USB Port: Connect to SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen 1) Port on PC 1

13. PC 1 Audio Port: Connect to an Audio Port (for Stereo Speaker or a Microphone) on PC 1

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