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LG 27" 8MP Color Clinical Review Medical Display Monitor (27M-W)

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LG 27" 8MP Color Clinical Review Medical Display Monitor (27M-W)

The LG 27M-W 27" 8MP Color Clinical Review Medical Display presents a refined and advanced solution tailored for radiological tasks, leisure, and artistic pursuits. Its impressive 8MP resolution, state-of-the-art IPS technology, and versatile connectivity features set it apart. With adjustable brightness settings reaching up to 350 cd/m², users can fine-tune the display for optimal viewing comfort in varying lighting conditions. Supporting USB-C, DisplayPort, and HDMI connections, it ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices and systems. Moreover, users benefit from its unique split-screen feature, enabling dual displays side by side via dual HDMI connections, thereby enhancing multitasking capabilities. Whether for professional endeavors or leisurely pursuits, the LG 27M-W delivers unmatched visual performance and flexibility.

LG Factory DICOM Profile

The LG 27M-W 27" 8MP IPS Color Clinical Review Medical Display Monitor is renowned for its precision calibration straight out of the box. Each unit undergoes meticulous calibration procedures at the LG factory, ensuring unparalleled image quality and accuracy. This rigorous process guarantees the production of the sharpest DICOM images available, meeting the stringent standards required for medical imaging applications. Moreover, users have the option to enhance and customize calibration further by purchasing a dedicated LUM calibration kit. This comprehensive kit enables on-demand calibration and compliance testing, allowing users to fine-tune the monitor's performance to their specific preferences and requirements. With these advanced calibration capabilities, the LG 27M-W ensures optimal image quality and precision tailored to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Split Screen for Dual Head Configuration

One of the standout features of the LG 27M-W is its ability to split the screen into two separate 4MP screens side by side. This means that medical professionals can simultaneously view and compare images without the need for additional displays or cumbersome toggling between windows.

Each 4MP screen provides ample real estate for detailed analysis. Whether you’re assessing subtle variations in tissue density, identifying anomalies, or tracking patient progress, having two screens at your disposal significantly enhances efficiency.

Crystal-Clear 8MP Resolution on IPS Display

When IPS meets 4K, the result is even more impressive. With LG factory DICOM calibrated display, The LG 27M-W’s Ultra HD Color IPS Clinical Review Medical Display Monitor offers much better color and greyscale reproduction than TN panels, providing incredible viewing angles and great color and DICOM greyscale consistency over the entire screen. With a 4K IPS monitor, users can enjoy seamless viewing. Furthermore, the 27M-W in 3840x2160 Ultra HD resolution provides increased clarity, sharper texture, details, more “real estate,” and smoother images.

AMD FreeSync™ Technology

The LG 27M-W 8MP Color Clinical Review Medical Display Monitor offers the built-in FreeSync technology. FreeSync technology by AMD eliminates tearing that occurs in Cine Mode with the highest visual settings due to the difference between a graphic card’s frame rate and a monitor’s refresh rate. Therefore, users who use the LG 27M-W adapted to FreeSync technology with AMD's latest hardware can rest assured that they enjoy the best experience possible.

DICOM Compatible

In order to guarantee the utmost precision and consistency in rendering shading for medical images, LG 27M-W employs a meticulous process wherein each grayscale tone is meticulously measured and calibrated during production. This rigorous calibration ensures that the monitor adheres to the stringent standards outlined in DICOM Part 14, thereby delivering unparalleled accuracy and reliability in medical imaging applications. By meticulously fine-tuning each aspect of grayscale rendering, LG 27M-W's commitment to excellence ensures that healthcare professionals can confidently rely on the fidelity and precision of their displays when interpreting critical medical images.

On-Demand DICOM Calibration: LG + PerfectLUM

The integration of PerfectLUM, an advanced sensor calibration solution, significantly enhances the LG 27M-W's functionality. PerfectLUM ensures consistent adherence to industry standards by meticulously adjusting the monitor's settings to maintain precise luminance and color uniformity. Its sophisticated technology effectively counters any gradual shifts over time, guaranteeing that medical professionals consistently perceive images accurately without any discrepancies. This meticulous calibration process not only upholds the integrity of the displayed images but also instills confidence in healthcare providers, enabling them to make critical decisions confidently. With PerfectLUM in place, the LG 27M-W becomes a reliable tool for medical professionals, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of visual data for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Protect Your Eyes And View In Comfort

Did you know that your eyes are affected by flickers on the monitor while you may not have seen them? Over time, prolonged reading can cause eye strain and fatigue. However, with Flicker Safe and Reader Mode on the LG 27M-W, you can maximize visual comfort by protecting your eyes from harmful blue light and reducing the flicker level to almost zero.

Features at a Glance

Experience enhanced medical imaging with the LG 27M-W 8MP IPS Color Clinical Review Medical Display Monitor, designed to meet professional standards:

  • IPS Technology: Accurate image reproduction and consistent colors.
  • DICOM Calibration: Precise grayscale representation.
  • Versatile Connectivity: HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB Type-C inputs.
  • High-Resolution Display: 3840 x 2160 resolution.
  • Contrast and Brightness: 1000:1 contrast ratio, 350 cd/m² brightness.
  • Wide Viewing Angles: 178°/178° viewing angles.
  • Swift Response Time: 5 ms GtG response time.
  • Vibrant Color Reproduction: 1.07 billion colors.
  • Convenient Connectivity: Built-in USB 3.0 hub.

The LG 27M-W offers reliable performance and essential features for medical imaging professionals.

Unifying Workspaces: The All-in-One Power of USB-C Connectivity

The LG 27M-W 27" 8MP Color Clinical Review Medical Display integrates seamlessly into this vision of workspace transformation. With its advanced features and capabilities, including USB-C ports, it enhances efficiency and productivity in medical environments. Connecting the LG 27M-W via a single USB-C cable not only facilitates the transfer of 4K screen display and data but also provides power to charge laptop or mobile device batteries simultaneously. This means that healthcare professionals can streamline their workspace by eliminating the clutter of multiple cables and power sources, creating a more organized and efficient environment for clinical review and analysis. With the LG 27M-W, the ordinary workroom transcends into an advanced studio, optimizing workflow and enhancing the quality of medical imaging tasks.

Preset Customized Options With Just a Click

OnScreen Control allows you to modify your screen configuration with a few clicks without using the physical buttons built into the monitor. My Display Presets offers a customized picture mode for specific software, which can be automatically applied according to your presets, eliminating the hassle of selecting picture mode manually.

Experience Ergonomic Flexibility with Solid Alloy Stand

Exemplifying the perfect synergy of size, weight, functionality, and convenience, the LG 27M-W 27" 8MP Monitor stands out in the realm of clinical review medical displays. It measures 534mm (21 inches) in height, 614.7 mm (24.2 inches) in width, and 223.5 mm (8.8 inches) in depth per monitor, offering a generous viewing area for detailed radiological examinations. With a weight of 6.2 kg (13.7 lbs) including the stand and 4.7kg (10.4 lbs) without it per monitor, the LG 27M-W is a sturdy and durable display that assures longevity. Applicable in diverse settings, from hospitals to home offices, the LG 27M-W is an exceptional choice for radiologists seeking the ideal mix of size, performance, and image quality in a color clinical review medical display.

Enhancing Connectivity and Efficiency

Engineered for optimal efficiency and versatility, the LG 27M-W 27" 8MP Color Clinical Review Medical Display Monitor comes equipped with a wide array of I/O ports to ensure seamless connectivity. Featuring both DisplayPort and HDMI interfaces, it guarantees compatibility with a broad range of systems and devices, enhancing user experience across various setups. Moreover, the LG 27M-W Monitor includes a USB hub, offering additional connectivity options for peripherals and enhancing its user-friendly design. With USB-C ports, it transforms ordinary workspaces into advanced studios, enabling increased work efficiency. A single USB-C cable facilitates simultaneous transfer of 4K display, data, and power, eliminating the need for multiple cables and power sources.

Create Your Own Comfort Zone

The pivot function allows you to enhance your workflow with the option to view images on a vertical or horizontal screen. Plus, other customization options will enable you to create a custom viewing experience for heightened comfort.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer LG
MFG Part# 27M-W
Screen Type Color
Resolution 8MP (3840 x 2160)
Pixel Pitch 0.1554 x 0.1554 mm
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Aspect Ratio Hv 16:9
Calibrated Luminance 180 cd/m²
Max Luminance 350 cd/m²
Calibration Manual
Backlight Sensor No
Ambient Light Sensor No
Backlight LED
Screen Technology IPS
Active Screen Size (DIAGONAL) 690 mm (27")
Active Screen Size (H x V) 614.68 x 365.76
Video Input Signals 1 x USB Type-C (input/output), 2 x USB Type A (USB 3.1 / USB 3.2 Gen 1) output, 1 x DisplayPort 1.2 (input), 2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x 3.5 mm output
Viewing Angle (H, V) 178°, 178°
Mount Type VESA 100 x 100 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) 614.7 x 424.2 x 223.5 mm (24.2 x 16.7 x 8.8")
Power Consumption 65 W
Power Requirements 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Weight 13.7 lbs (6.21 kg)