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Barco® Nio MDNG-5221 5MP 21" Grayscale LED 3D-DBT Mammography Breast Imaging PACS Display

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Barco® Nio MDNG-5221 5MP 21" Grayscale LED 3D-DBT Mammography Breast Imaging PACS Display

The Barco® MDNG 5221 is a 21.3-inch medical-grade diagnostic monitor that offers superb image quality and reliability. It is designed to meet the high demands of medical professionals, and it features a number of advanced technologies that make it ideal for a wide range of applications, including radiology, cardiology, and oncology. One of the key features of the Barco® MDNG 5221 is its high-resolution display. With a resolution of 5MP, the monitor provides exceptional image clarity and detail. This is essential for viewing medical images, which can often be complex and difficult to interpret. In addition to its high resolution, the Barco® MDNG 5221 also features a number of other technologies that enhance image quality. For example, the monitor uses a proprietary image processing engine that optimizes images for contrast, brightness, and sharpness. The monitor also features a wide color gamut, which allows it to display a wider range of colors than traditional monitors. This is important for medical applications where accurate color reproduction is critical. The Barco® MDNG 5221 is also designed to be reliable and durable. The monitor also has a long lifespan, with a mean time between failures (MTBF) of over 50,000 hours. Overall, the Barco® MDNG 5221 is a high-quality medical-grade diagnostic monitor that offers superb image quality, reliability, and durability. It is ideal for a wide range of medical applications, and it is sure to meet the high demands of medical professionals.

Automatic DICOM Calibration & QA with Barco® I-Guard Technology

The Barco® Nio MDNG-5221 display leverages I-Guard technology, employing an integrated photometer for consistent image quality assessment and precise DICOM calibration. Integrated seamlessly with Barco's® MediCal QAWeb service, I-Guard offers a comprehensive solution for quality assurance and streamlined calibration management. By meeting the unique needs of radiology, I-Guard becomes a key tool for healthcare professionals, bolstering diagnostic dependability and enhancing patient care quality.

Uniform Luminance Technology

The Barco® Nio MDNG-5221, utilizing Barco's® Uniform Luminance Technology (ULT), is designed to address challenges faced by radiologists. Traditional LCD displays can exhibit over 25% of screen area with uneven brightness, impairing image quality. ULT technology, however, mitigates such luminance and color inconsistencies, ensuring complete conformity with DICOM GSDF standards across the entire screen surface, thereby enhancing image accuracy and diagnostic reliability.

3D Tomosynthesis

The Barco® Nio MDNG-5221 boasts advanced 3D tomosynthesis capabilities, delivering a more thorough and precise visualization of breast tissue. This cutting-edge technology enables radiologists to review a series of high-resolution images from different angles, creating a 3D reconstruction of the breast. Unlike traditional 2D mammography, which may sometimes conceal or distort tissue detail due to overlapping layers, 3D tomosynthesis eliminates these issues by dividing the breast into clear, distinct layers. This allows for more accurate detection and diagnosis of abnormalities, including small cancers that could be overlooked with 2D imaging. Paired with the high-resolution 5.8MP display and enhanced image quality of the Barco® Nio MDNG-5221, the 3D tomosynthesis capability provides a superior viewing experience. It equips radiologists with heightened diagnostic confidence, fostering earlier and more precise detection of breast cancer, ultimately promoting improved patient outcomes.

MDNG-5221 & MXRT: Peerless Diagnostic Accuracy

Elevate your viewing experience by combining the MDNG-5221 with a Barco® MXRT graphics card. This potent duo offers exceptional image quality and performance, ensuring precise and efficient diagnostic capabilities for radiologists. The MXRT-5600, MXRT-6700, MXRT-7600, and MXRT-8700 graphics cards are specifically engineered to augment the abilities of the MDNG-5221, delivering seamless integration and the highest image quality in the medical imaging domain. Experience unmatched clarity and precision in your diagnostic process by opting for the Barco® Nio MDNG-5221 and MXRT graphics card package.

SmartCursor: Effortless Cursor Movement Across Varied Displays

Do you frequently encounter the frustrating challenge of your cursor becoming trapped on the edges of displays with different sizes? Barco® presents an innovative solution to this issue with SmartCursor™. This feature effectively eliminates the inconvenience of the cursor sticking on the borders of adjacent displays of varying dimensions, guaranteeing a fluid and uninterrupted navigation experience. To enable SmartCursor™, simply go to the Barco® System Settings and select the SmartCursor™ option. Once activated, revel in the benefits of smooth cursor movement across all your radiology workstation displays. This not only optimizes your workflow but also minimizes disruptions during crucial diagnostic tasks. Barco's® SmartCursor™ stands as a reliable ally, providing an ideal remedy to the common hassle of cursor trapping and contributing to a more efficient and enjoyable user experience in the intricate realm of radiology workstations.