Advantages of  Pairing Barco MXRT Cards with Barco Displays Over Nvidia RTX Series

In the world of medical imaging, accuracy, consistency, and high image quality are of paramount importance. Medical professionals rely on advanced imaging technologies to diagnose and treat patients effectively. Barco®, a leading provider of medical displays, offers specialized graphics cards in their MXRT series specifically designed to work with their medical monitors. offers a large selection of MXRT graphics cards, and dedicated technical support for installation, configuration, and successful calibration of your Barco® diagnostic monitors. This blog post highlights the advantages of using Barco® MXRT graphics cards with Barco® medical displays over general-purpose graphics cards like NVIDIA RTX series.

Optimized Performance

Barco® MXRT series graphics cards are designed to work seamlessly with Barco® medical displays, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. MXRT cards are engineered to handle the specific demands of PACS applications, providing smooth and lag-free operation. In contrast, general-purpose graphics cards like those from NVIDIA RTX series are primarily focused on gaming and professional graphics applications, which may not be fully optimized for the unique requirements of PACS applications. 

Superior Image Quality

High image quality is essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning in Radiology. Barco®'s MXRT graphics cards deliver accurate and consistent image quality, enabling better visualization of medical images in Barco® monitors. MXRT cards support high-resolution and high-bit-depth displays, allowing radiologists to view images with more detail and better contrast. NVIDIA RTX series graphics cards, while powerful, may not be optimized for specific standards required in medical imaging applications.

Calibration and Quality Assurance

Maintaining consistent image quality and compliance with medical standards like DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is critical in the Radiology. Barco® graphics cards come with integrated hardware and software features that enable easy calibration and quality assurance for Barco® diagnostic displays. This ensures that image quality remains consistent over time and meets the strict requirements of medical imaging applications. General-purpose graphics cards may not offer the same level of calibration and quality assurance capabilities. DICOM calibration on a Barco® monitor paired with an MXRT graphics card is performed with higher precision and a reduced percentage of Just Noticeable Difference (JND) error, resulting in superior image quality.

Application Support

Barco® graphics cards provide dedicated support for PACS applications and radiology workstations. This ensures smooth operation and seamless integration with other medical equipment and software. offers a range of Barco® MXRT graphics cards that cater to different medical imaging needs, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. General-purpose graphics cards, on the other hand, may not be as well-suited for integration with specialized medical applications and equipment.

Specialized Technical Support

Barco® offers specialized technical support for their MXRT graphics cards and diagnostic radiology displays, ensuring that users receive expert assistance when needed. complements this by providing a team of technical support engineers who can assist end users with the installation, configuration, and setup of their MXRT graphics cards and diagnostic displays. This level of support can be especially valuable in time-sensitive environments where reliable and efficient operation is crucial. In contrast, general-purpose graphics card manufacturers may not have the same level of expertise in medical imaging, which could result in slower resolution of issues or less effective support.


In Conclusion

While NVIDIA graphics cards are powerful and versatile, they are primarily designed for general computing, gaming, and professional graphics applications. Using a Barco® MXRT series graphics card with Barco® PACS general radiology displays and Barco® mammography displays ensures the best possible performance, image quality, and compatibility in a medical imaging context. By choosing a Barco® MXRT card, you can have confidence in the reliability, accuracy, and efficiency of your reading station, ultimately benefiting both radiologists and patients.'s dedicated team of technical support engineers is ready to help you achieve the best results with your PACS workstation setup. If you still have questions and need assistance on choosing the right graphics card, be sure to reach out to us via our contact form and one of our experienced engineers will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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