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Barco® Coronis MDMG-5221 5MP 21" Grayscale Tomosynthesis LED 3D-DBT Mammography Display

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Barco® Coronis MDMG-5221 5MP 21" Grayscale Tomosynthesis LED 3D-DBT Mammography Display

The Barco® Coronis MDMG-5221 Tomosynthesis 5MP display has been specifically designed to optimize the reading and interpretation of digital breast tomosynthesis, an innovative imaging technique that greatly enhances the accuracy of breast cancer detection. With its advanced technologies tailored for tomosynthesis visualization, MDMG-5221 enhances the visibility of even the smallest details, providing radiologists with an unprecedented level of diagnostic confidence. The Coronis MDMG-5221 Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP display is the first of its kind developed for breast tomosynthesis and has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in standard and multi-frame digital mammography, as well as breast tomosynthesis.

Greyscale DICOM Calibration with I-Guard Sensor

The Barco® Coronis MDMG-5221 display utilizes I-Guard technology, incorporating an integrated photometer for consistent image quality evaluation and accurate DICOM calibration. Seamlessly integrated with Barco's® MediCal QAWeb service, I-Guard provides a holistic approach to quality assurance and simplified calibration management. Addressing the specific requirements of radiology, I-Guard serves as an essential instrument for healthcare professionals, strengthening diagnostic reliability and improving the quality of patient care.

Uniform Luminance Technology

The MDMG-5221, featuring Barco's® Uniform Luminance Technology (ULT), is specifically designed to address challenges faced by radiologists. Traditional LCD displays often exhibit uneven brightness in over 25% of the screen area, resulting in image disturbances and reduced quality. ULT technology, however, resolves these color and luminance inconsistencies, ensuring complete compliance with DICOM GSDF standards across the entire screen surface.


SpotView momentarily amplifies display brightness within a specified circular region, aiding in the inspection of complex details. This feature dynamically enhances contrast and, if necessary, magnifies or inverts pixels within the SpotView region, providing an optimized visual experience for identifying subtle nuances.


DimView intelligently dims auxiliary displays used for patient worklists or dictation, reducing peripheral light during readings and allowing your eyes to concentrate on the diagnostic screen. You have the flexibility to select which display(s) should automatically dim when the cursor is not over them. Each display can be dimmed individually with DimView, or the dimming of all additional displays can be synchronized using DimView Link, providing a tailored experience aligned with your specific needs.

Ergonomic Versatility with MDMG-5221's Adaptable Stand

The stand of the MDMG-5221 is thoughtfully designed for optimal usability, offering enhanced comfort and adaptability while using the monitor. It allows tilt, swivel, and height adjustments, enabling you to position the display according to your preference. Additionally, the stand includes a connector compartment cover to conceal cables, ensuring a clean and organized workspace. Experience increased comfort and user-friendliness with the versatile stand of the Barco® MDMG-5221.

3D Tomosynthesis

The Barco® Coronis MDMG-5221 showcases advanced 3D tomosynthesis capabilities, providing an in-depth and accurate representation of breast tissue. This innovative technology allows radiologists to examine a sequence of high-resolution images from various angles, forming a 3D reconstruction of the breast. Unlike conventional 2D mammography that may sometimes hide or distort tissue details due to overlapping layers, 3D tomosynthesis resolves these issues by segregating the breast into sharp, distinct layers. This enables more precise detection and diagnosis of abnormalities, including small cancers that might be missed in 2D imaging. Paired with the high-resolution 5.8MP display and superior image quality of the Barco® Coronis MDMG-5221, the 3D tomosynthesis feature provides an exceptional viewing experience. It instills radiologists with enhanced diagnostic confidence, encouraging earlier and more accurate detection of breast cancer, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

Enhanced Clarity for Radiologists with Anti-Reflective Glass

The Barco® MDMG-5221 display is equipped with an anti-reflective coated protective glass, significantly enhancing performance and visual sharpness for radiologists. This advanced glass technology reduces glare and reflections, enabling medical professionals to inspect images with outstanding sharpness and accuracy. By mitigating visual distractions, the anti-reflective coated protective glass enables radiologists to focus on critical details, leading to more precise diagnoses and improved patient outcomes. Experience unparalleled image clarity with the Barco® MDMG-5221 and its innovative anti-reflective protective glass.

Barco® QAWeb Calibration & QA Software

Like all Barco® medical display systems, the MDMG-5221 is equipped with the convenience of MediCal QAWeb. It is available as a standalone local workstation installation or a cloud-based subscription service. MediCal QAWeb provides automated calibration and Quality Assurance, ensuring optimal display uptime without the need for manual intervention. With MediCal QAWeb, reliability and performance are seamlessly maintained, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on their critical tasks without worrying about display management.

MDMG-5221: Light & Modern Design

The Barco® Coronis MDCG-5221 medical display monitor excels in achieving a balance between size, weight, functionality, and user-friendliness. Standing at 561mm (22 inches) tall, 784mm (30.8 inches) wide, and 265mm (10.4 inches) deep per monitor, it offers a spacious viewing area for radiologists. With a weight of 30.1kg (66.4 lbs) with the stand and 10.5kg (23.1 lbs) without it per monitor, the Barco® Coronis MDCG-5221 exhibits durability and sturdiness. Whether utilized in hospitals or home offices, the Barco® Coronis MDCG-5221 is an excellent choice for breast imaging, providing an optimal combination of size, performance, and image quality.

Enhanced Radiologist Visibility with Double Brightness

Experience exceptional detail detection with I-Luminate, a feature that momentarily doubles the brightness of Barco® Coronis MDMG-5221 displays to 2,000 nits for 30 seconds. This temporary brightness boost assists radiologists in easily identifying small details. Activating or deactivating I-Luminate is effortless, requiring just a single button press or keyboard combination. This optimization of your diagnostic workflow ensures precise image analysis with enhanced efficiency.

SmartCursor: Effortless Cursor Movement Across Varied Displays

Tired of the frustrating issue of cursor trapping on the borders of displays with different sizes? Barco's® SmartCursor™ offers the perfect solution. This useful feature eliminates cursor sticking on the edges of neighboring displays with varying dimensions, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted navigation. To activate SmartCursor™, simply access the Barco® System Settings and enable the SmartCursor™ option. With this functionality in place, enjoy seamless cursor movement across all your radiology workstation displays, streamlining workflow and minimizing interruptions during critical diagnostic activities.

MDMG-5221 & MXRT: Peerless Diagnostic Accuracy

Elevate your viewing experience by combining the Coronis Fusion MDMG-5221 with a Barco® MXRT graphics card. This potent duo offers exceptional image quality and performance, ensuring precise and efficient diagnostic capabilities for radiologists. The MXRT-5600,MXRT-6700, MXRT-7600, and MXRT-8700 graphics cards are specifically engineered to augment the abilities of the MDMG-5221, delivering seamless integration and the highest image quality in the medical imaging domain. Experience unmatched clarity and precision in your diagnostic process by opting for the Barco® MDMG-5221 and MXRT graphics card package.

Seamlessly Compare Analog and Digital Images Side By Side Using FilmClip

As a radiologist, do you find yourself struggling to compare analog images with digital ones in the absence of a lightbox? Introducing FilmClip, the ingenious solution that transforms part of your display screen into a lightbox, accompanied by a magnetic clip to secure your film in front. Effortlessly read and compare film and digital images side by side on your display with FilmClip.

Customize your virtual "lightbox" by selecting from various sizes to suit your preferences. FilmClip is exclusively available for Barco® Coronis MDMG-5221 Tomosynthesis and Barco® Coronis UNITI MDMC-12133, enhancing your radiology workflow by bridging the gap between analog and digital imaging technologies.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Barco®
MFG Part# K9300520C
Screen Type Grayscale
Resolution 5MP (2048 x 2560)
Pixel Pitch 0.165 x 0.165 mm
Contrast Ratio 950:1
Aspect Ratio Hv 4:5
Calibrated Luminance 1000 cd/m²