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Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 12MP 31" Color Tomosynthesis 3D-DBT Mammography Display

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Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 12MP 31" Color Tomosynthesis 3D-DBT Mammography Display

The Barco® Nio Fusion 12MP MDNC-12130 display is expertly designed to seamlessly merge PACS and breast images on a single workstation, eliminating the need for a cluttered desk with complex configurations and multiple portrait displays. This innovative display ensures the fluid and detailed representation of both 2D and 3D images, facilitating expedited reading sessions. Integrated tools enhance reading ergonomics and support an efficient workflow for static and dynamic imaging, making it an ideal solution for medical professionals. Additionally, the Nio Fusion 12MP boasts excellent uniformity correction and ensures the perfect representation of calibrated colors and greyscales, further elevating its performance as a medical display.

Ultimate Radiology Display

The Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 12MP color fusion breast imaging diagnostic monitor, marking a notable advancement in display technology. This monitor simplifies workflow by seamlessly integrating PACS and breast images on a single workstation, eliminating the need for intricate configurations, multi-head displays, or switching to another workstation for additional exams. Radiologists can expect improved efficiency with faster reading sessions, complemented by the monitor's high brightness and screen size, which are notable in the realm of diagnostic radiology monitors. The Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 functions as a PACS display, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and efficiency for radiologists and PACS display users alike. This technology facilitates quicker and more precise diagnoses, contributing to enhanced patient care outcomes. Explore the Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 for a refined diagnostic radiology experience.

Advanced Medical Display for Precise Diagnoses

The Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 stands as an advanced medical display monitor, offering excellent image quality with its 12 million+ pixels. Featuring a spacious 31-inch screen size, it is well-suited for the detailed viewing of medical images with precision and clarity. The display's high resolution of 4200 x 2800 pixels ensures accurate representation, even capturing subtle details. The technology and precise calibration of the 12MP Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 contribute to enabling breast radiologists to make faster and more confident diagnoses, relying on the high-quality images generated by the display. The Nio Fusion serves as a reliable solution for radiologists, pathologists, and other medical professionals seeking top-notch image quality and precision.

Unleashing Precision: The Power of 30-Bit Color in Medical Imaging

The inclusion of 30-bit color in the Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 medical display represents a notable advancement in precision and image detail. By expanding the color spectrum to over a billion colors, it provides radiologists with a higher level of image detail compared to the standard 24-bit color depth. This broader color range is important for accurate diagnoses, aiding in the identification of subtle irregularities that may have been overlooked.

The benefits of 30-bit color depth in the Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 go beyond producing more vibrant images. Its practical impact lies in improving diagnostic accuracy and operational efficiency. The advanced color depth helps minimize grayscale banding, enabling the visualization of minute image details and playing a crucial role in detecting anomalies. The integration of 30-bit color depth in the Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 signifies a step forward in achieving enhanced clarity and reliability in diagnostic medicine.

Greyscale & Color DICOM Calibration with Barco's® I-Guard Technology

Barco's® I-Guard technology, a key feature of Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 display, utilizes an integrated front-of-screen photometer to continuously assess image quality and maintain precise DICOM calibration. By offering seamless compatibility with Barco's® MediCal QAWeb service, I-Guard provides radiologists with a comprehensive solution for quality assurance and effortless calibration management. I-Guard's intelligent monitoring capabilities adapt to the unique requirements of the radiology field, making it an indispensable tool for rads seeking to enhance diagnostic confidence and optimize patient care.

Achieve DICOM Standard Compliance with Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130

Ensure consistent and stable colors and grayscales in compliance with the DICOM standard, utilizing the exceptional Coronis Uniti display. Experience perceptually linear color rendition, delivering unwavering color accuracy and remarkable grays, even at the smallest pixel level. Trust Coronis Uniti displays to maintain exceptional image quality throughout their entire lifespan, supporting radiologists in achieving precise and reliable diagnostics.

3D Tomosynthesis

The Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 feature advanced 3D tomosynthesis capabilities, providing a more comprehensive and accurate view of breast tissue. This state-of-the-art technology allows radiologists to examine a series of high-resolution images from different angles, effectively creating a three-dimensional reconstruction of the breast. Unlike traditional 2D mammography, which can sometimes obscure or distort tissue detail due to overlapping layers, 3D tomosynthesis minimizes these issues by separating the breast into thin, distinct layers. This allows for more precise detection and diagnosis of abnormalities, including small cancers that may have been missed with 2D imaging.

Coupled with the high-resolution 12MP display and optimized image quality of Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130, the 3D tomosynthesis capability offers a superior viewing experience. It empowers radiologists with greater diagnostic confidence, leading to earlier and more accurate detection of breast cancer, thereby facilitating improved patient outcomes.

Maximizing Profitability with a One-Time Investment

Thanks to its The Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 offers up to 50,000 hours of compliant operation. That's the equivalent of running the display every day, 8 hours a day, for the next 15 years and still passing DICOM calibration and compliance tests. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your display is both reliable and long-lasting, without the need for frequent replacements.

Invest in the Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 today and enjoy a reliable, versatile, and cost-effective display solution with stunning world class imaging quality.


Radiologists can benefit from the Barco® SpotView feature, which enhances display brightness in a specific area, making it easier to detect subtle details in medical images. In addition to this, it dynamically optimizes contrast, ensuring maximum clarity and accuracy. Furthermore, the feature can optionally magnify or invert pixels within the selected region, providing radiologists with the flexibility to view images in a way that suits their needs. With the Barco® SpotView feature, radiologists can enhance their diagnostic capabilities and make more informed decisions about patient care.

Ambient Light Compensation (ALC)

Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 comes equipped with Barco's® Ambient Light Compensation (ALC) technology, designed to ensure unwavering DICOM compliance under all lighting conditions. This innovative feature measures the display brightness against the surrounding ambient light. Working in tandem with MediCal QAWeb, it notifies users when the ambient light exceeds a predefined threshold. This intelligent feature guarantees impeccable image quality, enabling you to discern crucial details regardless of your workspace lighting conditions. The ALC feature empowers you with the ability to maintain consistent DICOM compliance and exceptional image quality in varying environments.

Uniform Luminance Technology

In the realm of medical imaging, achieving optimal image quality is crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. The Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 distinguishes itself in this aspect, featuring exceptional image uniformity attributed to its innovative Uniform Luminance Technology (ULT).

ULT technology is a sophisticated calibration and correction system designed to meticulously address variations in backlight intensity across the monitor's screen, commonly known as luminance non-uniformity. This issue can result in subtle brightness and color inconsistencies.

Through a multi-step process, ULT technology eliminates these inconsistencies, ensuring that every pixel on the screen displays the intended image data with unwavering accuracy.

Key Benefits of ULT Technology: Enhanced Diagnostic Confidence, Reduced Eye Strain, Improved Workflow Efficiency

Enhanced Workflow Efficiency with KVM Integration on the Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130

With KVM integration, the Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 offers enhanced flexibility and customization options. Radiologists can personalize their workspace configurations, tailoring the display settings to their specific preferences. This adaptability ensures a comfortable and efficient working environment, ultimately leading to increased productivity and reduced user fatigue.

The integration of KVM on the Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 streamlines user control and accessibility. Radiologists can effortlessly manage multiple workstations from a centralized location, minimizing the need to switch between different systems. This optimized control allows for swift and precise navigation, contributing to faster reading sessions and improved overall workflow efficiency.

Ports and Connectors

The Barco® Nio Fusion MDNC-12130 features a conveniently located connector compartment cover port on the rear of the display. This port provides easy access to a variety of connectors, including:

Digital Display Inputs: DisplayPort (DP) connectors for connecting to a variety of video sources.

USB Ports: USB 3.2 Type-A connecting to peripherals, such as keyboards, mice, and storage devices.

Network Ports: Ethernet port for connecting to a network.

Power Connector: IEC 60320 C14 connector for connecting the display to a power source.

The connector compartment cover port is designed to be easily accessible, even when the display is mounted on a wall. This makes it easy to connect and disconnect cables without having to move the display.

Locate Your Cursor Instantly with FindCursor™

Introducing FindCursor™, the ingenious tool designed for radiologists to swiftly pinpoint cursor location by dimming all displays, leaving a bright yellow circle surrounding the cursor. Effortlessly locate your cursor and resume your diagnostic work without distractions by using a simple hotkey combination (Ctrl + Shift + F). FindCursor™ streamlines your radiology workflow and enhances productivity by minimizing time spent searching for cursor position across multiple displays.

Enhance Radiologist Focus with Innovative Display Dimming Technology

Discover DimView, the cutting-edge tool designed for radiologists that intelligently dims auxiliary displays during patient worklist management or dictation. By minimizing peripheral light, DimView allows your eyes to concentrate more effectively on the diagnostic display, promoting diagnostic accuracy and reducing eye strain.
With DimView's customizable options, select which display(s) should automatically dim when not used by the cursor. Utilize DimView to independently dim each display or synchronize the dimming process across all auxiliary displays with DimView Link, offering a tailored radiology workspace experience that enhances focus and productivity.

Application Appearance Manager

The Application Appearance Manager (AAM) offers a solution to the problem of high display luminance when using a diagnostic display for non-diagnostic applications such