Diagnostic Monitor Service

Bayland sets a high standard in the refurbishing, repair and preventive maintenance of LED and LCD diagnostic radiology monitors. Our team of expert technicians and engineers have the skills required to keep your system running smoothly and exceed the highest quality standards for your digital radiology needs.

Repair & Refurbishing


Bayland can assist you with all your diagnostic radiology monitor problems by providing functional, economical solutions. Our experienced engineers can repair and refurbish diagnostic radiology monitors, including brands, such as, but not limited to, Barco©, EIZO©, NEC©, NDSsi Dome©.

We offer the highest-quality radiology monitor refurbishing service on the market and guarantee that, after service, your monitors will be just like new-- in both appearance and performance.

As a result of our service, expensive monitors that might otherwise be taken out of commission is instead given a rigorous, multi-point overhaul that provides tremendous benefits to budget-conscious healthcare organizations.

Preventative Maintenance


Even the most advanced technology needs proper upkeep to ensure a long working life and preventive maintenance is the most cost-effective approach to the repair of medical grade radiology monitors.

Our preventative maintenance service will help you avoid inconvenient, costly emergency service situations before problems arise, extend the service life and lower the total cost of ownership of your monitors. Taking advantage of our service also allows facilities to continue to operate with minimum downtime and interruptions in service.

Three Year Warranty (All Services & Repairs)

All monitor repairs include a three year warranty on replaced parts.

Bayland is not an authorized reseller or repair provider for Barco, NEC, Eizo, NDSsi Dome or Siemens. For a list of authorized resellers or service providers, please contact these companies directly.

We perform the following as part of our Medical Monitor Service & Refurbishing Process:

Every unit is completely cleaned both externally and internally (including electronic boards)
Faulty, dim, and/or screen-burnt LCD replaced with a brand-new picture tube
All components that have become faulty are replaced
All “High-Failure-Rate” components tested and replaced
Integrated Flyback Transformer is replaced
Faulty or weak electrolytic capacitors and other ICs are replaced
Unit is cosmetically refurbished
Convergence, color balance, and all internal system controls are set back to the original manufacturer’s specifications
CCFL lamps are replaced
Complete 24-hour system testing
We provide 24-hour turnaround on all products that come in to be serviced
All serviced products come with a 3-year warranty on replaced parts

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