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Barco® Nio MDNC-3521 3MP 21.3" Color LED PACS Diagnostic Radiology Display Monitor

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Barco® Nio MDNC-3521 3MP 21.3" Color LED PACS Diagnostic Radiology Display Monitor

New / Pair / W/O Protective Glass

Barco® Nio MDNC-3521 is a cutting-edge 21-inch Color 3MP diagnostic display designed for general radiology. It boasts a high luminance of 600 cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 2000:1, ensuring detailed and accurate image rendering. Nio MDNC-3521 features SteadyColor and SteadyGray technologies for consistent color and grayscale presentation across various imaging modalities. Its sleek design with thin bezels allows for easy integration into multiple head arrangements, enhancing workspace ergonomics. Additionally, MDNC-3521 is equipped with productivity-enhancing tools like built-in KVM switch, SpotView, and is supported by QAWeb Enterprise for effortless quality management and compliance. MDNC-3521 promises durability with a long term warranty, covering 20,000 backlight hours, ensuring reliability for years to come.

DICOM Calibration with Barco's® I-Guard Technology

The Barco® Nio Color MDNC-3521 display is highlighted by Barco's® pioneering I-Guard technology. This notable feature integrates a front-of-screen photometer, constantly evaluating image quality and ensuring precise DICOM calibration. Integrated with Barco's® MediCal QAWeb service, I-Guard empowers radiologists with a holistic solution for effortless calibration management and quality assurance. The adaptive intelligence of I-Guard is tailored to the unique demands of radiology, making it an essential asset for professionals looking to boost diagnostic certainty and refine patient care.

Unleashing Precision: The Power of 30-Bit Color in Medical Imaging

Delivering absolute precision in medical imaging, the remarkable prowess of 30-bit color comes to light. It unlocks a spectrum of over one billion colors, presenting radiologists with detailed, nuanced images that were previously unattainable with the standard 24-bit color depth. This dramatic increase in color range greatly enhances the accuracy of diagnoses, helping to identify even the most subtle anomalies that could be easily overlooked otherwise.

The power of 30-bit color depth in medical imaging lies not just in its ability to provide richer, more vibrant images, but also in its potential to increase diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. This enhanced color depth reduces grayscale banding and brings out intricate details within images, making it easier for radiologists to detect abnormalities. From the delicate shades in a CT scan to the nuanced gradients in an MRI, the impact of 30-bit color is transformative. It propels medical imaging into a new era of clarity, precision, and reliability, fundamentally revolutionizing the realm of diagnostic medicine.

Enhanced Workflow Efficiency with KVM Integration on the Barco® Nio 3MP MDNC-3521

With KVM integration, the Barco® Nio Color MDNC-3521 offers enhanced flexibility and customization options. Radiologists can personalize their workspace configurations, tailoring the display settings to their specific preferences. This adaptability ensures a comfortable and efficient working environment, ultimately leading to increased productivity and reduced user fatigue.

The integration of KVM on the Barco® Nio Color MDNC-3521 streamlines user control and accessibility. Radiologists can effortlessly manage multiple workstations from a centralized location, minimizing the need to switch between different systems. This optimized control allows for swift and precise navigation, contributing to faster reading sessions and improved overall workflow efficiency.

Precision in Color with SteadyColor Technology

Barco's® MDNC 3521 medical monitor incorporates SteadyColor technology, a crucial feature for radiologists demanding precise and consistent color representation. This technology guarantees stable colors across the screen throughout the monitor's lifespan, unaffected by changes in brightness or aging. Barco's® commitment to calibration technologies further ensures the color and gray performance of medical displays, maintaining consistent and accurate image quality for diagnostic viewing applications. Radiologists can rely on the MDNC 3521 to provide a reliable and accurate visual representation, crucial for making precise diagnoses, thanks to the advanced SteadyColor technology and Barco's® dedication to maintaining image quality in medical displays.

SteadyGray Technology for Unvarying Gray Shades in Medical Imaging

Barco's® MDNC-3521 medical display incorporates SteadyGray technology, ensuring uniform chroma from the darkest to the brightest shades, extending seamlessly up to pure white. This consistency is paramount for radiologists, eliminating color distractions and enabling accurate image interpretation. Unlike ordinary gray, SteadyGray maintains uniform chroma, preventing variations like purple tints in darker shades and yellow hues in brighter ones. This technological precision enhances the visibility of subtle details in scans, facilitating the detection of abnormalities and bolstering diagnostic confidence. Radiologists can trust that the displayed images faithfully represent reality, a critical factor in patient care and treatment planning. Additionally, SteadyGray contributes to a streamlined workflow by reducing the need for constant monitor adjustments, allowing for quicker and more effective patient evaluations.

Barco® Displays & MXRT: Unrivaled Diagnostic Precision

Boost your diagnostic potential with the synergistic pairing of the Barco® Nio Color MDNC-3521 and Barco® MXRT graphics card. This potent duo promises stellar image quality and top-notch performance, enhancing precision and efficiency in diagnostic radiology. The MXRT-5600, MXRT-6700, MXRT-7600, and MXRT-8700 graphics cards, specifically engineered to elevate Barco® diagnostic display's capabilities, ensure seamless compatibility and the apex of image quality in the medical imaging domain. By opting for the MDNC-3521 and MXRT graphics card combination, you can truly immerse yourself in a diagnostic workflow marked by unparalleled clarity and precision.

Ambient Light Compensation (ALC)

Barco® Nio Color MDNC-3521's Ambient Light Compensation (ALC) technology maintains DICOM compliance under all lighting conditions. It gauges display brightness in relation to surrounding light and, in conjunction with MediCal QAWeb, alerts users if ambient light surpasses preset levels. This ensures superior image quality, facilitating detection of vital details in any workspace. Use the ALC feature to enjoy unwavering DICOM compliance and exceptional image quality in diverse environments.

Uniform Luminance Technology

In the realm of medical imaging, achieving optimal image quality is crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. The Barco® Nio Color MDNC-3521 monitor distinguishes itself in this aspect, featuring exceptional image uniformity attributed to its innovative Uniform Luminance Technology (ULT).

ULT technology is a sophisticated calibration and correction system designed to meticulously address variations in backlight intensity across the monitor's screen, commonly known as luminance non-uniformity. This issue can result in subtle brightness and color inconsistencies.

Through a multi-step process, ULT technology eliminates these inconsistencies, ensuring that every pixel on the screen displays the intended image data with unwavering accuracy.

Key Benefits of ULT Technology:

1. Enhanced Diagnostic Confidence

2. Reduced Eye Strain

3. Improved Workflow Efficiency

Barco® MDNC-3521's Smart Presence Sensor

The Barco® MDNC-3521 is equipped with a sophisticated presence sensor, revolutionizing user interaction and energy efficiency. The sensor employs advanced technology to detect user presence, automatically activating the display when someone approaches and seamlessly transitioning into a power-saving mode when unattended. This intelligent feature enhances workflow efficiency by eliminating the need for manual adjustments, ensuring a seamless and energy-conscious operation. The presence sensor not only contributes to a more user-friendly experience but also aligns with eco-friendly practices, reducing power consumption when the display is not in use. Barco's® integration of this innovative presence sensor exemplifies its commitment to user convenience, energy efficiency, and sustainable technology, making the MDNC-3521 an intelligent and responsible choice for modern medical environments.

Enhancing Medical Imaging Clarity with Barco®'s RapidFrame Technology

RapidFrame technology, featured in Barco® medical displays, ensures the delivery of crisp and focused moving images, significantly benefiting medical imaging and diagnostic processes. Tailored to the demands of healthcare, where clear and accurate visuals are paramount for precise diagnoses, RapidFrame operates at a frame rate of 120Hz. This high frame rate minimizes image blurring, enhancing the detection of intricate details in dynamic medical images. The result is an improved image quality and performance on Barco® medical displays, empowering medical professionals with confidence and efficiency in their work. Beyond performance, RapidFrame contributes to an ergonomic and comfortable viewing experience by reducing eye strain and fatigue associated with flickering or blurry images. This technology underscores Barco®'s unwavering commitment to providing innovative and reliable solutions to the healthcare sector.