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Lenovo ThinkStation P5 Tower Workstation | Xeon W7-2495X @ 4.8GHz | 24-Core | 128GB DDR5 | 4TB NVMe SSD | RTX A5500 24GB | Win11 Pro

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Lenovo ThinkStation P5 Tower Workstation | Xeon W7-2495X @ 4.8GHz | 24-Core | 128GB DDR5 | 4TB NVMe SSD | RTX A5500 24GB | Win11 Pro

Introducing the Lenovo ThinkStation P5 Tower Workstation, designed to meet the demanding needs of radiologists and healthcare professionals. Built with reliability and trustworthiness in mind, this workstation offers exceptional performance without compromising on quality.

Powered by a robust Xeon W7-2495X @ 4.8GHz 24-Core Processor, the Lenovo ThinkStation P5 ensures seamless multitasking and lightning-fast processing of medical imaging data. Coupled with a massive 128GB DDR5 Memory RAM, this workstation provides ample memory for handling complex tasks and large datasets with ease.

Storage is never a concern with the included 4TB NVMe SSD, offering ample space to store vast amounts of medical images and patient data securely. Experience blazing-fast data access and transfer speeds, ensuring quick retrieval of critical information when every second counts.

Equipped with an NVIDIA RTX A5500 24GB graphics card, the Lenovo ThinkStation P5 delivers exceptional graphical performance, enabling smooth rendering of high-resolution medical images and 3D visualizations. Witness unparalleled clarity and detail, allowing for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Running on the latest Windows 11 Pro operating system, this workstation offers enhanced security features and a user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless integration into existing healthcare IT environments.

At, we understand the importance of providing great value to our customers. With the Lenovo ThinkStation P5 Tower Workstation, you not only get a powerful and reliable workstation but also the peace of mind knowing you're receiving top-notch support and service.

Whether you're analyzing medical images, conducting research, or managing patient records, the Lenovo ThinkStation P5 Tower Workstation is the perfect solution for radiologists and healthcare professionals seeking uncompromising performance and reliability. Invest in your productivity and efficiency with this cutting-edge workstation from

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Lenovo
MFG Part# ThinkStation P5
Dimensions (W x H x D) 440 x 165 x 453 mm (17.3″ x 6.5″ x 17.8″)
Make/Model Lenovo ThinkStation P5
Total Display Support 4
WIFI Optional - Available as Add-on
Graphics NVIDIA RTX A5500 24GB
Memory 128GB DDR5
Operating System Win11 Pro
Processor Xeon W7-2495X @ 4.8GHz | 24-Core
Storage 4TB NVMe SSD

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