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JVC Totoku CL-S1200 12MP 31" Fusion Tomo Color LED Mammo 3D DBT PACS Display (CL-S1200)

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JVC Totoku CL-S1200 12MP 31" Fusion Tomo Color LED Mammo 3D DBT PACS Display (CL-S1200)

Discover a revolutionary leap in diagnostic imaging with the JVC Totoku CL-S1200, a 12MP, 31" color LED breast image and 3D tomosynthesis diagnostic radiology monitor. FDA-approved for breast imaging use,CL-S1200 brings unparalleled image clarity to your fingertips, making it an indispensable asset for any radiologist.
CL-S1200 boasts a superior 12MP resolution and a 10-bit liquid crystal display. This powerful combination yields a stunning 600cd/m2 DICOM calibrated brightness, allowing radiologists to experience and analyze the finest image quality in breast imaging. Furthermore, it is one of the only two 12MP displays in the market, alongside the Barco® Coronis UNITI with a contrast enhancement anti-reflective coated glass.
JVC Totoku CL-S1200 has a built-in sensor with dedicated red, green, and blue channels. This advanced feature allows for precise measurement of each color channel, automatically performing DICOM calibration and QA, ensuring accuracy and reliability in image analysis.
Being the ultimate radiology display, the CL-S1200 caters to various medical applications where color and greyscale accuracy is essential. From general radiology and PACS to 3D, breast imaging, and tomosynthesis, this monitor delivers peak performance without compromising quality.

The JVC Totoku CL-S1200 showcases exclusive backlight technology developed by Nichia, guaranteeing DICOM calibration and compliance for a staggering 40,000 hours. This is equivalent to 20 years of continuous usage, making it a long-lasting, valuable investment for any radiology practice. In addition, the CL-S1200 offers flexible configuration options, allowing for two seamless 6MP displays side-by-side or a single 12MP fusion. It's the perfect blend of exceptional image quality, modern ergonomic design, and top-tier capabilities. Invest in the JVC Totoku CL-S1200 radiology monitor for the best possible image at a reasonable price point, a technological marvel set to redefine the standards in breast imaging. CL-S1200 underscores our commitment to providing radiologists with tools that enhance their diagnostic capabilities, bringing value to their practice and improving patient outcomes.

One Monitor To Read Them All

JVC Totoku CL-S1200 is designed to handle images from all medical imaging modalities, transforming your radiology practice with its multi-modal functionality. With capabilities extending to Digital Mammography/Tomosynthesis, Chest, US, CT, MRI, and Pathology, the CL-S1200 is truly a universal solution for radiologists.

Visual Point Mode

The Visual Point Mode lets you spotlight the area where you need to see the most intricate details, ensuring nothing escapes your expert eye. With four selectable area shapes, you can customize the focus to match the image or anatomical region you're analyzing.

In an industry where every detail can significantly impact a patient's diagnosis and treatment, the Visual Point Mode available on JVC Totoku CL-S1200 provides radiologists with an unparalleled ability to zoom in and focus. It ensures that the critical details you need to see are clear, allowing you to make more precise diagnoses. It's not just about viewing images—it's about understanding them to the fullest.

Turbo Luminance

Turbo Luminance significantly enhances screen brightness and contrast for up to 30 seconds, enriching grayscale gradations and making even the most minute details perceptible. This heightened visibility is particularly useful in detecting low-contrast lesions on mammograms, thereby improving detection rates and advancing patient care. The Turbo Luminance function isn't just about improved visibility - it's a tool for radiologists to enhance their diagnostic capabilities.

Auto Text Mode

The JVC CL-S1200 comes equipped with an innovative Auto Text Mode, addressing the common issue of excessive brightness often encountered with medical monitors. While high luminance is crucial for diagnostic image viewing, it can cause discomfort during text reading. With Auto Text Mode, the monitor intuitively adjusts brightness levels on patient lists and reporting applications, ensuring optimal readability and significantly reducing eye strain. This clever feature makes the JVC CL-S1200 a well-rounded solution, catering to all aspects of a radiologist's viewing needs.

Real-Time continues DICOM and Color Adjustment

The JVC CL-S1200 boasts a sophisticated stabilization system for luminance and color temperature, capable of real-time adjustments for the most accurate imaging. With the built-in Color Front Sensor, this monitor measures color temperature constantly, adjusting for any changes that may occur due to prolonged usage, a level of precision and adaptability a movable front sensor can't achieve. This feature ensures that the JVC CL-S1200 maintains its exceptional DICOM and color accuracy over time, providing reliable and consistent diagnostic imaging.

Integrated Quality Assurance Solution

JVC QA Medivisor NX is included with CL-S1200. With its calibration and QA standard testing capabilities, this tool simplifies quality assurance, all within an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It ensures your monitor remains DICOM calibrated and compliant with MQSA guidelines at all times, adding an extra layer of reliability and ease to your workflow.

One exceptional feature of the JVC CL-S1200 is its advanced calibration report storage system. It saves calibration reports on the workstation PC and internally within the monitor.
This feature safeguards against potential data loss and ensures continuous access to vital reports. Even when a workstation crashes or Windows OS is replaced, all previously performed calibration and quality control reports are saved inside the monitor. They will be synced back to your new PC or operation system when you reinstall Medivisor NX calibration and QA software. This means you'll always keep track of your calibration and compliance reports, ensuring the JVC CL-S1200 is always ready to deliver superior imaging performance.

Customizable Ambient Lighting for Enhanced Radiologist Comfort

The JVC CL-S1200 combats eye fatigue and elevates your radiology reading room experience with its adjustable ambiance lighting solution. The built-in Rear Light emits a gentle ambient illumination behind the monitor, crafting a comfortable and strain-free working environment for radiologists.

Additionally, the Reading Light feature directs focused light onto documents and film folders, ensuring optimal visibility and comfort during intricate tasks. Both these lights can be adjusted to fit individual preferences or room conditions. This tailored lighting approach significantly improves well-being and productivity, making the JVC CL-S1200 an exceptional ally for radiology professionals. Experience the difference with this intelligently designed, user-focused radiology monitor.

Intelligent Multi Sensor Technology

The JVC CL-S1200 is engineered with an array of front sensors, specifically designed to adapt to any reading environment seamlessly. The Ambient Light Sensor effectively counters the influence of surrounding light, maintaining optimal calibration for the best image quality. Furthermore, a Color Front Sensor ensures stability in both luminance and color, providing consistent, reliable image display.

Additionally, the Human Presence Sensor exemplifies the monitor's commitment to energy efficiency. This sensor detects when the user is not present and automatically shifts the monitor to power save mode. The JVC CL-S1200 embodies a blend of performance, adaptability, and energy efficiency, making it a smart choice for any radiology practice.

Contrast Enhancing AR Glass

The JVC CL-S1200 incorporates a top-notch anti-reflective protective glass that offers a host of benefits. This specialized glass enhances contrast and minimizes image noise, delivering a clear, sharp image every time. In addition to improving image quality, the protective glass is designed with user comfort in mind, making it easier and more relaxing for your eyes during prolonged use.

Moreover, this anti-reflective protective glass is more than just a screen protector; it also contributes to the cleanliness and hygiene of your workspace. The surface is easy to wipe clean, ensuring that your monitor remains sanitary in a medical environment. With the JVC CL-S1200, you get enhanced image quality, comfortable viewing, and easy cleaning - all in one advanced monitor solution.