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Barco® MDPC‑8127 8MP 27" Color LED Digital Pathology Display with MXRT-4700 (K9610269B)

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Barco® MDPC‑8127 8MP 27" Color LED Digital Pathology Display with MXRT-4700 (K9610269B)

Introducing the Barco® MDPC-8127, a state-of-the-art digital pathology LCD monitor designed to meet the intricate demands of modern pathology labs. With its unparalleled image quality and precision, the MDPC-8127 ensures that pathologists have the most accurate visual tools at their disposal for diagnosis, research, and collaboration. At the heart of the MDPC-8127 lies its exceptional image quality. Featuring a 27-inch screen with a resolution that brings the smallest details into sharp focus, the Barco® digital pathology LCD MDPC-8127 delivers consistent, lifelike color reproduction crucial for accurate tissue analysis. Its high contrast ratios and brightness levels are specifically calibrated for pathology, making it easier to distinguish even the subtlest nuances in tissue samples.

In the United States, the MDPC-8127 is compatible with Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) scanners and analysis software that has been officially approved for use alongside the monitor. This MDPC-8127 is authorized for primary diagnostic purposes when integrated with the following FDA-approved WSI systems and digital pathology analysis software:

  • The Philips Intellisite Pathology Solution, when used in conjunction with Philips Image Management System analysis software

  • The Philips Intellisite Pathology Solution, when utilized together with Paige.AI Inc.'s FullFocus DX analysis software.
  • The Leica Aperio AT2 DX System, supported by ImageScope DX analysis software.
  • The Leica Aperio AT2 DX scanner, when used in combination with the Sectra Digital Pathology Module.
  • The Hamamatsu NanoZoomer S360MD slide scanner system. These configurations ensure that the MDPC-8127 can be effectively integrated into validated diagnostic workflows, offering reliable and precise imaging solutions for pathology labs.

  • Advanced Technology for Enhanced Diagnostics

    The MDPC-8127 incorporates advanced technologies to enhance diagnostic precision. Its LED-backlit display ensures consistent brightness over time, while the built-in color calibration maintains image accuracy across multiple monitors. An anti-glare coating and flicker-free technology offer a comfortable viewing experience, reducing eye fatigue and allowing pathologists to focus on diagnostics without distraction.

    Intuitive Touchpad Control

    The Barco® MDPC-8127 goes beyond traditional viewing capabilities with its innovative touchpad control, a feature designed to revolutionize the pathologist's workflow. This intuitive touchpad allows users to navigate through slides, zoom in on areas of interest, and switch between images with ease, all without the need for a traditional mouse or keyboard.The touchpad is engineered for precision and responsiveness, catering to the specific needs of digital pathology. With multi-touch gestures, pathologists can effortlessly pan across slides, adjust zoom levels, and annotate findings directly on the screen. This streamlined interaction reduces the time spent on mechanical actions, allowing for a more focused analysis and interpretation of slides.

    Clarity in Every Pixel

    The Barco® MDPC-8127 digital pathology display is engineered to deliver ultimate slide-to-eye confidence, a cornerstone for accurate diagnostics. With its unparalleled image fidelity, the MDPC-8127 pathology display guarantees that what you see is a true and reliable representation of the actual slide. This fidelity is crucial in pathology, where every detail can be significant, and every pixel matters. Barco® Pathology MDPC-8127's advanced display technology ensures that each pixel accurately conveys the color, shape, and detail of the slide, without distortion or loss of detail. This precision supports pathologists in making confident decisions based on the most accurate visual information available.

    Precision Color and Luminance Calibration

    The Barco® MDPC-8127 monitor features advanced color and luminance calibration capabilities, ensuring that each display offers precise, consistent colors and brightness levels. This meticulous calibration process guarantees that pathologists can rely on the accuracy of what they see, crucial for diagnosing conditions from digital whole slide images where detail and color differentiation are paramount. Barco's® proprietary SteadyColor technology sets the MDPC-8127 apart, offering unparalleled color consistency across the entire screen. This technology ensures that every pixel displays the exact shade and luminance intended, crucial for accurate pathology analysis where every detail could be significant. SteadyColor also guarantees that the monitor's colors remain true over its lifespan, providing pathologists with long-term confidence in their digital slide interpretations.

    Enhanced Accuracy with I-Guard Sensor Technology

    A close-up of the monitor's I-Guard sensor in action, possibly with a graphical overlay showing how it calibrates color and luminance in real-time. The integrated I-Guard sensor plays a pivotal role in maintaining the MDPC-8127's exceptional image accuracy. This proactive sensor continuously monitors and adjusts the display's color and luminance, ensuring that each image is presented with the utmost precision. This automatic calibration supports pathologists in making reliable diagnoses by providing consistent image quality, even over extended periods of use.

    Barco® MDPC-8127: Ultra-High Definition Digital Pathology Display

    The Barco® Pathology Display MDPC-8127 sets a new standard for clarity and diagnostic precision, essential for pathologists and clinicians alike. With an impressive 8 megapixels, the Barco® MDPC-8127 unveils every intricate detail in your digital pathology images. Whether analyzing tissue samples, detecting anomalies, or assessing cellular structures, this display ensures unmatched visual richness. Across all viewer zoom levels, the Barco® MDPC-8127 offers an expansive visible slide area, providing ample space to explore high-resolution images, identify subtle features, and deliver timely diagnoses. Tailored specifically for digital pathology, the display supports an extensive color palette, with each of its 1.07 billion colors finely calibrated to reveal the true characteristics of histological samples. Featuring a rapid 120Hz refresh rate, the MDPC-8127 ensures smooth navigation through digital slides. This allows users to pan, zoom, and explore high-resolution images without blurring, facilitating precise analysis.

    Streamlined Compliance and Management with QAWeb Enterprise

    QAWeb Enterprise, Barco's® cloud-based quality control and remote management system, complements the MDPC-8127's advanced sensors by providing a comprehensive solution for display compliance and maintenance. This system allows healthcare IT professionals to centrally monitor and manage the calibration and performance of their pathology displays, ensuring they meet the strictest medical standards for accuracy and reliability. With QAWeb Enterprise, labs can guarantee that their monitors remain in optimal condition, offering peace of mind that every diagnosis is based on the most accurate and dependable images available.

    Superior Smoothness with 120Hz Frame Rate and RapidFrame™  Technology

    The Barco® MDPC-8127 redefines smoothness and responsiveness in digital pathology imaging with its advanced 120Hz frame rate powered by Barco® RapidFrame™ technology. In the demanding environment of pathology, where every detail matters, the MDPC-8127's 120Hz frame rate significantly reduces motion blur during rapid slide scanning or when switching between areas of interest. This enhancement is vital for maintaining image clarity, allowing pathologists to make precise observations without losing sight of critical details.

    MDPC-8127's Ambient Light & Front Calibration Sensors

    Ambient light sensor and power status LED The MDPC-8127 monitor features an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast of the display according to the surrounding lighting conditions. This ensures optimal image quality and viewing comfort in any environment. The monitor also has a power status LED that indicates the on/off status of the monitor and the calibration status. The LED changes color depending on whether the monitor is calibrated, needs calibration, or is out of calibration.

    Front calibration sensor The MDPC-8127 monitor comes with a front calibration sensor that performs fast and easy calibration without the need for an external device. The sensor is integrated into the front bezel of the monitor and can be activated by a simple touch. The sensor measures the color and luminance of the display and adjusts it to the DICOM standard. This ensures consistent and accurate image quality across multiple monitors and over time.

    Barco® MDPC-8127 digital pathology LCD monitor's innovative Folcalpath function

    Imagine dissecting complex medical images with laser-sharp focus. Forget straining your eyes over dimly lit screens or battling distracting background details. This innovative tool, available on the MDPC-8127 display, employs intelligent dimming to achieve just that. By strategically reducing brightness in peripheral areas, it creates a customizable circular viewing zone, transforming your screen into a high-resolution spotlight illuminating only the crucial details. This innovative approach empowers you to delve deeper into digital pathology with unparalleled clarity and precision, ensuring diagnoses are made with unwavering confidence.

    Application Appearance Manager

    The Application Appearance Manager offers the flexibility to customize display settings according to specific applications. When engaging in non-diagnostic activities like email correspondence or administrative tasks, users have the option to adjust the display to a lower luminance level. This feature ensures a comfortable viewing experience while maintaining high diagnostic quality. By prioritizing readability and mitigating eye strain, this functionality contributes to improved user comfort and overall productivity.

    SpotView Precision Spotlight

    SpotView on the MDPC-8127 Digital Pathology LCD Monitor delivers unparalleled precision in pathology examination. This innovative feature enables users to zoom in on specific areas of interest with exceptional clarity, streamlining analysis and enhancing diagnostic accuracy. Seamlessly integrated into the interface, SpotView optimizes workflow efficiency by allowing pathologists to pinpoint and examine minute details with ease. By highlighting critical regions within digital slides, SpotView empowers pathologists to conduct thorough evaluations and make informed diagnostic decisions. With its intuitive controls and seamless integration, SpotView revolutionizes the way pathologists interact with digital pathology images, ensuring precise and detailed evaluations that ultimately improve patient care outcomes.

    Barco® MDPC-8127: Compact Design, Manageable Weight

    The Barco® MDPC-8127 Pathology Display, featuring dimensions of 651 x 482-582 x 238 mm (25.6 x 18.9-22.9 x 9.3 inches) when using the stand, is meticulously designed to optimize pathologists' workspaces. Its compact build ensures efficient space utilization without compromising functionality, seamlessly integrating into various laboratory setups. With a weight of 12.5 kg (27.5 lbs) including the stand and 7.9 kg (17.4 lbs) without the stand, the MDPC-8127 offers versatility in positioning while maintaining a manageable weight for easy handling. The display's ergonomic dimensions and weight considerations prioritize user comfort and workspace efficiency, fostering an environment conducive to precise diagnoses and streamlined workflows. Whether placed on a desk or incorporated into a workstation, the MDPC-8127's dimensions and weight align with the specific needs of pathology professionals, enhancing productivity in diagnostic settings.

    Ergonomic Flexibility with MDPC-8127 Pathology Display Stand

    The stand accompanying the MDPC-8127 Pathology Display is engineered for superior usability, providing enhanced comfort and flexibility during use. With adjustable tilt, swivel, and height settings, users can easily customize the display to their preferred viewing angle, ensuring optimal comfort for extended periods of use. This ergonomic design promotes a healthier and more comfortable working environment for pathologists. Additionally, the stand's thoughtful design includes cable management features to keep workspaces organized and clutter-free. Overall, the MDPC-8127 Pathology Display stand combines ergonomic excellence with practical functionality, offering pathologists a versatile solution to optimize their workspace and enhance their workflow efficiency.

    Seamless Connectivity

    With seamless connectivity features, the MDPC-8127 integrates effortlessly into any existing digital pathology ecosystem. It offers a variety of input options, including DisplayPort, and USB, ensuring compatibility with all major digital slide scanners and PCs. The monitor also includes network capabilities for easy access to digital pathology databases and cloud storage, facilitating remote consultations and collaborative diagnosis.

    Tech Specs

    Manufacturer Barco®
    MFG Part# K9610269B
    Screen Type Color
    Resolution 8MP (3840 x 2160)
    Pixel Pitch 0.155 x 0.155 mm
    Contrast Ratio 1000:1
    Aspect Ratio Hv 16:9
    Calibrated Luminance 450 cd/m²
    Max Luminance 850 cd/m²
    Calibration Auto (built-in front sensor)
    Backlight Sensor Yes
    Front Sensor Yes
    Ambient Light Sensor Yes
    Backlight LED
    Screen Technology IPS
    Active Screen Size (DIAGONAL) 27" (685.8 mm)
    Active Screen Size (H x V) 569 x 335 mm (22.4 x 13.2")
    Video Input Signals DisplayPort
    3D Tomosynthesis No
    Viewing Angle (H, V) 178°, 178°
    Mount Type VESA (100 mm)
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 651 x 582 x 238 mm (25.6" x 22.9" x 9.3")
    Power Consumption 75 W
    Power Requirements 100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 3.6-1.6 A
    Weight 27.5 lbs (12.5 kg)