HP 27" 3MP DICOM Clinical Review Medical Display Monitor

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HP 27" 3MP DICOM Clinical Review Medical Display Monitor

New / HP 27" 3MP Monitor

Monitors.com presents the HP 27" 3MP DICOM Clinical Review Monitor, a medical display meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of healthcare professionals. This clinical review display merges affordability with superior quality, providing an optimal tool for detailed medical image analysis. The HP 27" 3MP DICOM Clinical Review Medical Display Monitor features a 27" DICOM-calibrated LCD, equipped with a resolution exceeding 3 megapixels. With a DICOM calibrated luminance of 250cd/m2 and max native luminance of 350 cd/m2, it guarantees vibrant and bright images that enhance the visibility of critical details. Moreover, the broad viewing angle ensures consistent image quality from diverse perspectives, further aiding diagnostic accuracy. One of the distinctive elements of the HP 27" 3MP DICOM Clinical Review Display is its anti-reflective and anti-glare protective glass. This serves a dual purpose; it elevates image clarity and contrast, making the nuances of medical images more discernible. Additionally, it provides a robust protective layer safeguarding the screen from physical damage.

Precise Medical Images with HP DICOM Medical Displays

With its sleek and modern design, the HP 27" 3MP DICOM Clinical Review Display seamlessly blends into any reading environment, contributing to an organized and efficient workspace. This monitor is not only an essential tool for healthcare professionals but also an excellent investment for healthcare institutions seeking to optimize diagnostic processes and enhance patient care.

Imaging with 3MP+ QHD Resolution and Expansive 27" Display

The HP DICOM medical displays boast a 3MP+ resolution of 2560 x 1440, providing vivid and detailed visuals that enhance medical imaging interpretation. With an expansive 27" display size, healthcare professionals can view patient data, radiology images, and medical records with remarkable clarity, promoting faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Enhanced Precision and Comfort

One of the HP 27" 3MP's standout features is its factory DICOM calibrated LCD display, ensuring precise grayscale accuracy and consistency for medical imaging applications. This capability is essential for healthcare professionals, as it allows them to accurately analyze X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, Ultrasounds and other medical images, enabling swift and confident decision-making.

HP + PerfectLUM

Monitors.com offers HP 3MP clinical review display bundled with PerfectLUM calibration software, providing healthcare professionals with a comprehensive solution to achieve and maintain DICOM calibration effortlessly. PerfectLUM, renowned for its precision and versatility, enables clinicians to fine-tune the luminance and grayscale of their displays according to DICOM standards, ensuring image accuracy for precise diagnoses.

This package includes a full PerfectLUM license, unlocking all its advanced calibration and QA features. This ensures you can tap into your HP 3MP clinical review display's full potential, maintaining display consistency and reliability over time.

The bundle also comprises an external calibration sensor, expertly designed to work in tandem with PerfectLUM. This high-precision tool allows for on-demand calibration checks and quality assurance, swiftly correcting any deviations in brightness and grayscale.


  • Connects to any PC via HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA,
  • Get the reassurance of a display that’s built for a long life, rigorously tested, and backed by the stringent HP Zero Bright Dot Guarantee.
  • Work comfortably with adjustable tilt, height, and swivel stand.
  • HP Factory DICOM calibrated Display with available optional PerfectLUM calibration package for on demand calibration and QA Process.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer HP
MFG Part# 4K27M58#ABA
Screen Type Color
Resolution 3MP+ (2560 × 1440)
Pixel Pitch 0.233 x 0.233 mm
Contrast Ratio 1,000:1
Aspect Ratio Hv 16:9
Calibrated Luminance 250 cd/m2
Max Luminance 350 cd/m2
Calibration Auto (built-in front sensor)
Backlight Sensor Yes
Front Sensor No
Ambient Light Sensor No
Backlight LED
Active Screen Size (DIAGONAL) 685.8 mm (27")
Active Screen Size (H x V) 596.6 x 293.1 mm (23.4" x 11.5")
Video Input Signals DisplayPort
Viewing Angle (H, V) 178°, 178°
Mount Type VESA (100 mm)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 644 x 197 x 393 mm (25.3" x 7.7" x 15.4")
Power Consumption 55 W
Power Requirements 100 to 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz
Weight 19.42 lbs (5kg)