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Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6430 6MP 30" Color LED General Radiology PACS Display

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Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6430 6MP 30" Color LED General Radiology PACS Display

Experience Superior Diagnostic Imaging with the Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6430, tailored for radiologists seeking the finest diagnostic imaging performance. This state-of-the-art 6MP fusion display boasts color DICOM calibration, a pioneering feature that sets new standards in the industry.

The unparalleled image quality of the Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6430 is a result of Barco®'s exclusive LCD panel technology developed explicitly for the MDCC-6430. By incorporating the latest advancements in IPS capabilities, Coronis MDCC-6430 delivers exceptional brightness and an outstanding contrast ratio, revealing even the subtlest details and empowering you to make the most precise diagnoses. Additionally, full ACR compliance ensures cutting-edge MDCC-6430 is the ideal choice for radiologists looking for the best quality image in diagnostic imaging.

The craftsmanship, quality, and functionality of MDCC-6430, complemented by its robust aluminum build, are a testament to a masterpiece in engineering, craftsmanship, and optical breakthroughs. Coupling these characteristics with Barco®'s renowned reliability, innovation, and unmatched quality results in an unrivaled monitor that transcends expectations. MDCC-6430 is not merely a monitor but the epitome of excellence in diagnostic imaging. MDCC-6430 is one of the best diagnostic radiology display ever made

    Greyscale & Color DICOM Calibration with Barco's® I-Guard Technology

    Barco's® I-Guard technology, a key feature of the Coronis MDCC-6430 display, utilizes an integrated front-of-screen photometer to continuously assess image quality and maintain precise DICOM calibration. By offering seamless compatibility with Barco's® MediCal QAWeb service, I-Guard provides radiologists with a comprehensive solution for quality assurance and effortless calibration management. I-Guard's intelligent monitoring capabilities adapt to the unique requirements of the radiology field, making it an indispensable tool for rads seeking to enhance diagnostic confidence and optimize patient care.

    Uniform Luminance Technology

    Barco's® Uniform Luminance Technology (ULT), a feature of MDCC-6430, specifically designed to address the challenges faced by radiologists. Traditional LCD displays often exhibit non-uniform brightness in over 25% of the screen area, resulting in image noise and compromised quality. ULT technology, however, eliminates color and luminance inconsistencies, ensuring full compliance with DICOM GSDF standards across the entire screen area.

    Single View & Display Partitioner

    Barco's® User-friendly Workflow Tools provide advanced functionalities such as SingleView and Display Partitioner. SingleView enables you to connect your dual-input display and utilize it as a unified desktop without any disruptions at the center of the screen. This removes the need for an additional monitor and creates a more adaptable desktop where images can be positioned at the center without any risk of distortion. Conversely, Display Partitioner allows you to divide a single input source into two sections on your screen, which proves particularly valuable for multitasking or juxtaposing distinct images side by side. Both SingleView and Display Partitioner are crafted to augment your workflow and boost productivity by offering greater command over your display.

    Unleashing Precision: The Power of 30-Bit Color in Medical Imaging

    The 30-bit color capability of Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6430 further escalates the potential for precision in medical imaging. This advanced feature means that the monitor can display 1.07 billion colors, an immense leap from the 16.7 million colors that a conventional 24-bit monitor can display. In practical terms, this leads to a much smoother transition between colors and grayscales, substantially reducing the banding effect that can occur in lower bit-depth displays. For grayscale images, this vast increase in gradations of gray results in significantly improved detail, enhancing the visibility of even the most subtle variations in the image. This level of precision can be crucial for radiologists as it provides them with more accurate information for diagnosis and treatment planning. On the other hand, for color images, the 30-bit color capability provides an incredibly rich and lifelike palette, allowing for superior detail and differentiation between similar color hues. This can be particularly important in pathology and ophthalmology, where color differentiation is essential. In summary, the 30-bit capability of MDCC-6430 provides a more comprehensive and precise view of medical images, enhancing the quality of both grayscale and color images and ultimately leading to a more accurate diagnosis.

    SmoothGray™ Technology

    Barco® MDCC-6430 utilizes a cutting-edge technology known as SmoothGray™, aiming to provide unparalleled DICOM precision. This proprietary technology enhances grayscale perfection to a superior degree, improving the visibility of subtle details in medical images. SmoothGray™ achieves this by generating an ultra-smooth palette of grayscales, which aids radiologists in discerning intricate differences in shades of gray, crucial for precise diagnosis and treatment planning. As a result, MDCC-6430 stands out for its exceptional image quality and precision.

    Color PPU Technology

    Color PPU (Per Pixel Uniformity) is another technological advancement that significantly enhances the quality of images in Barco® diagnostic monitors. Color PPU ensures uniform luminance across each individual pixel, preserving the integrity and consistency of colors and grayscales displayed on the monitor. In contrast to traditional monitors where the brightness and color might vary from one part of the screen to another, Barco® Coronis 6MP monitors with Color PPU technology maintain uniformity across the entire display. This uniformity in luminance results in highly accurate and consistent images, which is vital for the detailed analysis and diagnosis in medical fields. In essence, the Color PPU uniform luminance technology brings about an improvement in the fidelity of the visual data, contributing to better diagnostic accuracy.


    SpotView momentarily enhances display brightness within a circular area of interest, enabling the inspection of intricate details. This feature dynamically refines contrast and, if desired, magnifies or inverts pixels within the SpotView region, providing an optimized viewing experience for subtle nuances.

    Ambient Light Compensation (ALC)

    Barco's® Ambient Light Compensation (ALC) technology in Coronis Fusion MDCC-6430 guarantees DICOM compliance under all lighting circumstances by assessing the display brightness in relation to the surrounding ambient light. In conjunction with MediCal QAWeb, it alerts users when the ambient light surpasses a predetermined limit. This ensures the finest image quality, allowing you to discern critical details in any workspace. Benefit from unwavering DICOM compliance and exceptional image quality in diverse environments by utilizing the ALC feature.


    DimView intelligently dims supplementary displays utilized for patient worklists or dictation, reducing peripheral light during readings and allowing your eyes to concentrate on the diagnostic screen. You can choose which display(s) should dim automatically when the cursor is not hovering over them. Each display can be dimmed individually (DimView), or the dimming of all auxiliary displays can be synchronized (DimView Link), providing a customizable experience tailored to your preferences.

    Anti-Reflective Glass Boosts Radiologist Clarity

    The Barco® MDCC-6430 display is equipped with an anti-reflective coated protective glass that significantly enhances performance and visual clarity for radiologists. This advanced coating technology minimizes glare and reflections, allowing medical professionals to view images with exceptional sharpness and accuracy. By reducing visual distractions, the anti-reflective coated protective glass enables radiologists to focus on the critical details, leading to more precise diagnoses and improved patient outcomes. Experience unparalleled image clarity with the Barco® MDCC-6430 and its innovative anti-reflective protective glass.

    Barco® QAWeb Calibration & QA Software

    Like all of Barco®'s medical display systems, MDCC-6430 includes the convenience of MediCal QAWeb, Available as both stand alone local workstation installation or cloud-based subscription technology for automated calibration and Quality Assurance. That means maximum uptime of the display with no need for human intervention.

    SmartCursor: Effortless Cursor Movement Across Varied Displays for Radiologists

    Do you frequently encounter the frustrating challenge of your cursor becoming trapped on the edges of displays with different sizes? Barco® presents an innovative solution to this issue with SmartCursor™. This feature effectively eliminates the inconvenience of the cursor sticking on the borders of adjacent displays of varying dimensions, guaranteeing a fluid and uninterrupted navigation experience. Activating SmartCursor™ is a simple process—access the Barco® System Settings and choose the SmartCursor™ option. Once enabled, revel in the benefits of smooth cursor movement across all your radiology workstation displays. This not only optimizes your workflow but also minimizes disruptions during crucial diagnostic tasks. Barco's® SmartCursor™ stands as a reliable ally, providing an ideal remedy to the common hassle of cursor trapping and contributing to a more efficient and enjoyable user experience in the intricate realm of radiology workstations.

    Application Appearance Manager (AAM)

    The Application Appearance Manager (AAM) offers a solution to the problem of high display luminance when using a diagnostic display for non-diagnostic applications such as viewing text documents or emails. In such situations, the display's high brightness can cause eye strain. With AAM, you can set specific application windows to a lower luminance or different color profile while retaining the full diagnostic luminance for applications requiring it. This feature allows for greater visual comfort and reduced eye strain while maintaining the necessary brightness level for diagnostic use. AAM provides a flexible solution that can be customized to the user's preferences, improving the overall usability and versatility of the diagnostic display.