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AMD FirePro W5100 4GB Quad Head Graphic Card (100-505737)

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AMD FirePro W5100 4GB Quad Head Graphic Card (100-505737)


FirePro W5100 Graphics Card is a workstation graphics card that will fit in CAD, 3D object rendering, and hardware acceleration workflows. Hardware-wise, this card features 768 stream processors coupled to 4GB of GDDR5 vRAM with a 96 GB/s bandwidth. This configuration results in 1.43 TeraFLOPS for single precision and 89.2 GigaFLOPS for double precision.

This card is cooled with an active fansink. The fan pulls air in from the case and forces it through the heatsink, dissipating the heat generated by the GPU. This configuration is best suited to cases that have adequate airflow and where space between components is not a concern.

To optimize the card for professional workflows, AMD built in several of their technologies, these can be seen below.

Eyefinity 2.0 Technology

AMD Eyefinity 2.0 Multi-Monitor Technology allows for easy arrangement of multiple monitors in many different configurations with resolutions of up to 16K by 16K. The number of monitors is only limited by the maximum number of GPU-supported outputs. Eyefinity 2.0 is compatible with 3D images via DisplayPort 1.2.


30-Bit Display Pipeline

A Full 30-bit Display Pipeline allows for accurate color reproduction by maintaining a 10-bit resolution for each RGB component.



A hardware-level function that can automatically process two 3D "primitives" (triangles) per GPU clock cycle increases the speed at which the GPU can process complex 3D designs and real-time visualization applications.



Power management technology which provides direct control over GPU power usage. PowerTune dynamically adjusts clock speed to operate within the power parameters set by the user.


ZeroCore Power Technology

Shuts down the GPU when not in use to greatly reduce power usage while the card is idle.


4K Support

Using outputs capable of driving 4K and UHD displays, you can display graphics, games, and video in 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) for increased detail on 4K resolution displays.


Projector Overlap Support

Refine display alignment settings for configuring multiple high-resolution projectors.



Discrete Digital Multi-Point Audio uses DisplayPort 1.2 terminals to output multiple independent audio streams. Each audio stream can be sent to its own device.


Bezel Compensation

Compensate for bezel interference by stretching the image so it displays evenly across multiple displays, even monitors with thick bezels.



Partially, Resident Textures allow for graphics memory to behave as a hardware-managed cache. This way, only the necessary data to create a scene can be streamed on demand straight from GPU memory, increasing graphics rendering efficiency, especially with large texture libraries.



AMD's Video Codec Engine is an H.264/AVC video coding engine which offloads video compression/decompression workloads to the GPU to increase the speed of the coding and remove the processing load from the CPU.



Manage your desktop displays in multi-monitor environments. HydraVision allows you to control the behavior of pop-up windows and dialog boxes, as well as customize multiple desktop window layers, and restrict application window placement across various desktops.



Display Output Post Processing allows you to adjust and/or capture the graphics card's final output by reading it directly from GPU memory. Adjustments that can be made include blending, warping, color correction, and other graphical computations on the image. Transformations are hardware-based, so latency is minimized.


AutoDetect Technology

When you open a new 3D program, the FirePro graphics drivers will be automatically configured for the best performance.


Tech Specs

Manufacturer AMD
MFG Part# 100-505737
GPU Memory 4GB GDDR5
Memory Interface 128-bit
Memory Bandwidth 96 GB/s
Power Consumption 75 W
Output Ports 4 x DisplayPort
Weight 1.95 lb

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