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Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6230 6MP 30" Color LED General Radiology PACS Display

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Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6230 6MP 30" Color LED General Radiology PACS Display

Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6230 is a high-quality general radiology diagnostic PACS display optimized for grayscale and color imaging. It efficiently integrates images from multiple modalities, such as CR, CT, MR, cath, and echocardiogram, making it an ideal choice for radiologists seeking top-notch image quality, increased productivity, and enhanced workflow flexibility.

Featuring a 30-inch LCD screen, the MDCC-6230 offers the flexibility to operate as a single 6MP (3,280 x 2,048 pixels) display or split into two seamless 3MP displays (1536 x 2048 pixels each). This user-friendly design allows radiologists to organize and interpret images side by side without a center bezel or visual distractions.

A great feature of MDCC-6230 is its power-efficient LED backlight. LED backlights consume less power, are high in brightness, and produce significantly less heat, thus greatly increasing the monitor's lifespan. In addition, MDCC-6230 is equipped with a built-in I-Guard photometer front sensor for automatic DICOM calibration and quality assurance (QA) tests, simplifying routine checks and ensuring consistently high-quality imaging.

Equip your workspace with the Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6230 and experience an enhanced workflow that aligns with the evolving needs of radiologists looking for a modern, high-quality diagnostic display for teleradiology.

Greyscale DICOM Calibration with Barco's® I-Guard Technology

The Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6230 display proudly features Barco's® innovative I-Guard technology. This integral component employs a front-of-screen photometer, persistently monitoring image quality and maintaining accurate DICOM calibration. Seamlessly integrated with Barco's® MediCal QAWeb service, I-Guard offers radiologists a holistic solution for quality assurance, simplifying calibration management. I-Guard's smart monitoring capabilities adapt to the distinctive needs of radiology, establishing itself as an essential asset for radiologists aiming to boost diagnostic certainty and improve patient care.

Uniform Luminance Technology

Addressing the inherent challenges faced by radiologists, the Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6230 incorporates Barco's® Uniform Luminance Technology (ULT). Traditional LCD displays commonly suffer from uneven brightness, affecting over 25% of the screen area, leading to image disturbance and compromised quality. In contrast, ULT technology eradicates these inconsistencies in color and luminance, ensuring complete adherence to DICOM GSDF standards across the entirety of the screen area. This advanced feature not only enhances image precision but also boosts the overall quality, providing radiologists with the reliable tools they need for meticulous diagnostics.

Single View & Display Partitioner

The Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6230 integrates Barco's® User-friendly Workflow Tools that offer advanced functionalities such as SingleView and Display Partitioner. SingleView permits you to connect your dual-input display and use it as a seamless desktop without any disruptions at the screen's center. This eliminates the need for an extra monitor and creates a more versatile desktop, enabling you to place images at the center without any distortion risks. On the other hand, Display Partitioner enables you to split a single input source into two sections on your screen, proving immensely beneficial for multitasking or contrasting different images side by side. Both SingleView and Display Partitioner are designed to enhance your workflow and boost productivity, providing you with increased control over your display layout.

Unleashing Precision: The Power of 30-Bit Color in Medical Imaging

The introduction of 30-bit color in medical imaging marks a significant leap in precision and detail. By unlocking a vast spectrum of over a billion colors, it offers radiologists an unprecedented level of image detail, far surpassing what was achievable with the standard 24-bit color depth. This considerable enhancement in color range is critical to the accuracy of diagnoses, assisting radiologists in identifying subtle irregularities that may have previously gone unnoticed.

The benefits of 30-bit color depth in medical imaging extend beyond the delivery of more vibrant images. Its inherent potential lies in improving diagnostic accuracy and operational efficiency. The advanced color depth minimizes grayscale banding, allowing for the visualization of the minutest image details. As such, 30-bit color depth plays a crucial role in facilitating the detection of anomalies. Its transformative impact on medical imaging signifies a new phase of enhanced clarity and reliability in diagnostic medicine.

Ambient Light Compensation (ALC)

MDCC-6230 comes equipped with Barco's® Ambient Light Compensation (ALC) technology, designed to ensure unwavering DICOM compliance under all lighting conditions. This innovative feature measures the display brightness against the surrounding ambient light. Working in tandem with MediCal QAWeb, it notifies users when the ambient light exceeds a predefined threshold. This intelligent feature guarantees impeccable image quality, enabling you to discern crucial details regardless of your workspace lighting conditions. The ALC feature empowers you with the ability to maintain consistent DICOM compliance and exceptional image quality in varying environments.


Coronis MDCC-6230 features the innovative SpotView tool, designed to momentarily boost display brightness within a specified circular area of interest, promoting a detailed inspection of intricate elements. This dynamic feature adjusts contrast on-the-fly and, based on user preference, can either magnify or invert pixels within the SpotView region. Such capabilities offer a significantly optimized viewing experience, facilitating the detection of subtle details with enhanced precision and clarity.