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Eizo RadiForce MX315W 8MP 31" Color Clinical Review Display Monitor (MX315W-BK)

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Eizo RadiForce MX315W 8MP 31" Color Clinical Review Display Monitor (MX315W-BK)

The MX315W is a 31.1-inch medical monitor with an 8-megapixel resolution, the highest in the RadiForce MX-Series of clinical review monitors. It has DICOM Part 14 calibration support and can display a variety of medical images at the same time, including CT, MRI, and ultrasound, making it incredibly cost-effective.

Quick Information Referencing

The Hide-and-Seek function enables users to easily hide the PinP (Picture in Picture) window not currently in use and reopen it as needed by moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen. This eliminates the need for an extra monitor while still allowing quick and efficient viewing of reports, patient charts, and other information.

Barrier-Free Workstyle

With the Switch-and-Go function, USB switching is done within The Eizo RadiForce MX315W. This allows you to use a single keyboard and mouse across two PCs. Users can easily work on either PC by simply moving the mouse cursor across the screens. This enhances work efficiency and creates a cleaner workspace.

Space-Saving and Lightweight

The Eizo RadiForce MX315W display, featuring dimensions of 733 mm (28.8 inches) in width, 474mm (18.6 inches) in height, and 225mm (8.8 inches) in depth, is designed with stability and sturdiness in mind, ensuring a reliable and robust medical imaging solution. Weighing 11.7kg (25.8 lbs), its solid construction and well-balanced stand provide a secure and dependable workspace for radiologists. The MX315W's durable design not only adds to its longevity but also instills confidence in the accuracy and consistency of the diagnostic images displayed.

Achieve Clarity True to the Source Data

A medical monitor needs to be capable of high brightness in order to meet performance standards. However, in order to achieve high brightness in an LCD panel, the pixel aperture ratio has to be increased. This causes a typically unavoidable decline in sharpness. With EIZO's unique Sharpness Recovery technology, the decrease in sharpness (MTF) is restored. This allows you to display an image safely on the monitor that is true to the original source data, even at high brightness levels.

MTF measures numerically how faithfully the panel transfers detail from the original image data for viewing. When Sharpness Recovery is turned on, in the case of a 2-pixel line pair (spatial frequency of 1.467 cycles/mm), the MTF increases by approximately 51%.

Hassle-Free Multi-Monitor Configuration

The Eizo RadiForce MX315W is equipped with DisplayPort 1.2 input and output terminals. Using a single cable connected to the input terminal, the monitor displays 8-megapixel resolution. In addition, using the output terminal allows you to easily configure several monitors in a daisy chain sequence without the hassle of excessive cabling.

Make the Precise Diagnosis

The Eizo RadiForce MX315W carefully measures and sets each grayscale tone to create a monitor compliant with DICOM Part 14. This ensures the most consistent shading possible, allowing for the most accurate diagnosis.

Manage Effortless Quality Control

A built-in Integrated Front Sensor (IFS) measures brightness and grayscale tones to calibrate to DICOM Part 14. The IFS does not interfere with the viewing area while in use to cut workload and maintenance costs needed for monitor quality control.

Comfortably View from Any Angle

The exceptional feature of expansive viewing angles not only heightens the monitor's versatility but also establishes it as an indispensable tool for radiologists across diverse applications. Whether scrutinizing intricate medical images, collaborating on diagnostic assessments, or participating in professional discussions, this monitor seamlessly adapts to the specialized needs of radiological environments. Its wide viewing angles emerge as a pivotal feature, ensuring a consistently accurate and detailed visual experience across a spectrum of medical imaging scenarios. This adaptability transforms the monitor into an essential companion for radiological professionals, adept at meeting the demands of precise diagnostics and collaborative discussions with equal finesse. Beyond its clinical utility, the monitor's seamless integration into radiological workflows promises enhanced efficiency, fostering improved diagnostics and contributing to advancements in medical imaging technology.

Attain Steady Images Across the Screen

The Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) function helps to even out fluctuations in brightness and chroma on different parts of the screen to provide smoother images.

Experience Smooth Color Reproduction

The Eizo RadiForce MX315W supports 10-bit input for each RGB color, displaying more than one billion colors simultaneously. This ensures accurate color reproduction for 3D color rendering and image fusion.

Conserve Energy While Away

A presence sensor prompts the monitor to switch to power save mode when the user is away and resumes operation upon their return to conserve power when not in use. In the latest RadiForce models, the sensor detects the user's presence using a heat sensing method. This increases the range and angle of detection compared to conventional detection methods, making it effective when using multiple monitors.

View Accurate Images in Moments

The EIZO-patented drift correction function quickly stabilizes the brightness level of The Eizo RadiForce MX315W upon startup or wakeup from sleep mode, giving you the most accurate images quickly ready for viewing. In addition, a sensor measures the backlight brightness and automatically compensates for brightness fluctuations caused by ambient temperature and aging for a consistently stable display.

Improved Workflow with High Resolution

The MX315W offers the highest resolution from the MX-Series, displaying 8 megapixels of information (4096 x 2160 pixels) on the large 31.1-inch screen. By utilizing the MX315W's increased viewing space and freedom of layout, it is possible to display various inspection images side by side, such as CT and MRI images in a tiled format. This will allow for the comparison of old and current scans, ultimately improving efficiency.

Evolve Your Image Reading

As more image modalities become digitalized, radiologists are viewing an increasing amount of information on their screens. EIZO's unique Work-and-Flow technology alleviates the complexity of the imaging workflow with new functions developed with the radiologist in mind. Users can take advantage of Work-and-Flow features with the RadiForce MX315W and bundled RadiCS LE software.