How to Install Eizo RadiCS DICOM Calibration and QA Software v5 - Win 10 Pro


You need to install RadiCS v5 for your Eizo monitors.


Follow the instructions below to install RadiCS v5.


Insert your Eizo Driver Disc into your computer’s DVD player, included with your order. Navigate to Driver disc, double-click on Calibration Software


Double-click on Eizo RadiCSv5


Double-click on EIZO_RadiCS_v5.0.3.10


Wait for the installer to launch 
On the User Account Control dialog box, click Yes


Click through the installation wizard, leave default settings


Click on the Start Menu, click on the EIZO folder, right-click on RadiCS Ver.5, hover over More, click on Pin to taskbar. The RadiCS software will now be located on your taskbar for easy access.


Eizo’s RadiCSv5 should now be installed on your computer. If you need further assistance on how to use the software please look at the following guides:

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