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Eizo Radiforce MS236WT 2MP 23" Multi-Touch Color Clinical Review LED Dental Monitor with Stylus Pen (MS236WT)

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Eizo Radiforce MS236WT 2MP 23" Multi-Touch Color Clinical Review LED Dental Monitor with Stylus Pen (MS236WT)

Smooth and Detailed Handwriting with Stylus Pen
The MS236WT features projected capacitive touch technology which is more reliable compared to other touch technologies, allowing for drag and flick finger operations to be smooth. In addition to the supplied passive touch pen, the monitor also accepts input from commercially available active stylus pens, so small and detailed letters can easily be written into a medical record.

Write While Resting Against the Screen
The screen can detect up to 10 simultaneous touches so multiple people can easily operate a variety of applications. The monitor is equipped with palm rejection which allows you to rest your hand directly on the screen without causing any unintended touch input, so that you can focus on your writing.

Optimal Medical Image Viewing
The monitor features a DICOM preset mode whose grayscale tone is preset on the production line for optimum reviewing of medical images.

Comfortable-to-Use, Fully Flat Design
The fully flat surface provides a seamless touch experience to the edges of the screen. This makes swiping motions and scrolling easy. Furthermore, dust and fingerprints can be wiped off, making cleaning a breeze.

High Durability
The touch screen has a non-scratch glass surface with a hardness of 5H. In addition, the monitor is guaranteed to endure up to 50 million touches, meaning that you can confidently use the monitor for a long time.

Touch Detection Control
Users can easily turn touch detection on or off by pushing the button conveniently located on the monitor's side. This helps to prevent unintended inputs when cleaning the monitor.

Quick Recovery Controls
Due to environmental factors such as electromagnetic noise, projective capacitive touch technology can malfunction. To combat this, the monitor is equipped with technology that adjusts the touch sensitivity to minimize incorrect touch response. This ensures that the screen maintains accurate touch interaction during use.'

Dedicated Touch Panel Driver
In addition to Windows' standard touch panel driver, a dedicated touch panel driver is also available for use with multi-monitor configurations and touch panel sounds.

Clear View from Any Angle
The MS236WT uses an LED-backlit IPS panel with wide viewing angles that minimize color shift and contrast changes even when multiple people view the screen.

Flicker-Free Viewing
Due to the way brightness is controlled on LED backlights, a small number of people perceive flicker which causes eye fatigue. The MS236WT relieves eye fatigue by regulating brightness to make flicker unperceivable.

Various Input Terminals
The monitor is equipped with DisplayPort, DVI-D, and D-Sub inputs which are conveniently located on the side for easy access.

Model Variation
The MS236WT comes in a reclining stand and without stand variety, with gray or black cabinet colors. You can easily choose the ideal model for your environment.

Reclining Stand
The reclining stand provides flexible positioning to allow the monitor to rest flat on your desk when using a touch-pen, or to sit up when touching with your hand.

Customer Assurance with Medical Standards
The MS236WT meets various medical standards and safety/EMC standards for use in medical institutions.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Eizo
MFG Part# MS236WT
Screen Type Color
Resolution 2MP (1920 x 1080)
Pixel Pitch 0.265 x 0.265 mm
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Aspect Ratio Hv 16:9
Calibrated Luminance 260 cd/m2
Max Luminance 260 cd/m2
Calibration Manual (external USB sensor)
Backlight Sensor No
Front Sensor No
Ambient Light Sensor No
Backlight LED
Screen Technology IPS
Active Screen Size (DIAGONAL) 23" (580 mm)
Active Screen Size (H x V) 509.2 x 286.4 mm (20.4 x 11.27")
Video Input Signals DisplayPort
Viewing Angle (H, V) 178°, 178°
Mount Type VESA (100 mm)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 556.7 x 360.7 x 216.3 mm (21.9" x 14.2" x 8.5")
Power Consumption 42 W
Power Requirements AC 100 - 240 V: 50 / 60 Hz
Weight 14.6 lbs (6.6 kg)

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