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HP Z4 G4 Workstation | Intel Xeon W-2245 @ 4.50GHz | 8-Core | 128GB ECC DDR4 | 1TB ZTurbo NVMe SSD | NVIDIA RTX A4000 16GB | Win10-11 Pro

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HP Z4 G4 Workstation | Intel Xeon W-2245 @ 4.50GHz | 8-Core | 128GB ECC DDR4 | 1TB ZTurbo NVMe SSD | NVIDIA RTX A4000 16GB | Win10-11 Pro

The HP Z4 G4 workstation is a powerful and reliable computing solution that meets the demanding needs of healthcare professionals, especially radiologists. This workstation is meticulously designed to deliver excellent performance and speed, ensuring that radiology images are opened rapidly and efficiently, enabling healthcare professionals to read and diagnose faster, ultimately improving patient care.

Powerful Technology for Efficient Multitasking

Empower healthcare professionals with the HP Z4 G4 Workstation, fortified with robust technology for efficient handling of complex medical imaging tasks. This workstation, equipped with high-performing processors and ample memory, facilitates swift navigation through extensive datasets. The result is a substantial reduction in processing times, enhancing overall productivity for healthcare professionals. The combination of powerful processors and generous memory capacity establishes the HP Z4 G4 as a reliable solution for the demanding requirements of medical imaging. Elevate the efficiency of healthcare workflows, ensuring that professionals can seamlessly navigate and analyze intricate medical datasets, ultimately contributing to more efficient and effective patient care.

The Ultimate Performance Workstation

Elevate your tasks with the HP Z4 G4 workstation, delivering unparalleled speed and responsiveness. Specifically designed for processing radiology images, the HP Z4 G4 operates at lightning speed, enabling healthcare professionals to swiftly access and analyze critical data. This accelerated performance enhances their ability to interpret images promptly, resulting in faster and more informed medical decisions. The workstation's advanced capabilities not only streamline workflows but also contribute to a more efficient and responsive healthcare environment. With the HP Z4 G4, healthcare professionals can confidently rely on a high-performance solution that meets the demands of processing intricate medical images with speed and precision, ultimately improving the quality and timeliness of patient care.

Upgrade, Expand, and Evolve with the HP Z4 G4 Workstation Desktop PC

Imagine your ideal desktop, and we will bring it to life. Our customizable options allow you to build an ideal workstation that caters to your specific requirements. With the option for advanced Intel Core i-Series or Xeon processors, dual graphics, substantial memory, expansive storage, and versatile PCIe card slots, you possess the ability to craft a workstation impeccably tailored to conquer your current workload challenges. Furthermore, as your requirements expand, our flexible solutions ensure smooth enhancements as time progresses. Embrace the liberty of customization and enhance your efficiency with a workstation meticulously fashioned exclusively for your benefit.

Stay Cool and Efficient with HP Z4 G4

Experience optimal cooling performance with the HP Z4 G4 Workstation. Our state-of-the-art sensors and proprietary algorithms work seamlessly to detect temperature fluctuations, proactively activating the fans when your system is about to heat up. This intelligent cooling system ensures uninterrupted performance during your most demanding projects, preventing overheating and ensuring peak efficiency. Elevate your radiology practice with the HP Z4 G4, offering advanced fan cooling technology designed to keep you cool under pressure. Boost productivity and tackle intensive tasks with confidence, thanks to our cutting-edge cooling solution.

Unleash Unthrottled Performance with Innovative Thermal Technology

Discover the HP Z4 G4 Workstation, the ultimate solution to take your radiology practice to new heights. Experience unrivaled performance and versatility with this powerful workstation, designed to meet the unique demands of radiologists. From advanced imaging tasks to intensive simulations, video editing, and machine learning, the HP Z4 G4 delivers exceptional results. Stay ahead in the ever-changing field of radiology with this cutting-edge workstation, optimized for seamless performance and unmatched productivity. Upgrade your radiology practice today with the HP Z4 G4 Workstation and unlock a world of possibilities.

High-Performance CPUs and Reliable ECC Memory

Unleash the power of Intel Core i-Series or Xeon W CPUs, featuring a substantial number of cores, to drive resource-intensive professional applications. Experience robust performance and heightened efficiency as these processors efficiently execute complex tasks. Safeguard your workflow against interruptions caused by system failures with the Error Correction Code (ECC) memory. This technology seamlessly identifies and rectifies soft errors within the memory system, preventing disruptions and ensuring continuous reliability. Elevate your computing experience with processors designed for intensive workloads and a memory system that prioritizes error prevention, providing a seamless and dependable platform for tackling demanding professional applications.

Powerful and Reliable Graphics

The HP Z4 G4 workstation, equipped with AMD W series, NVIDIA Quadro RTX, or Barco® MXRT graphics cards, offers a robust and dependable solution tailored for radiologists and other healthcare practitioners requiring a graphics card capable of managing resource-intensive tasks such as medical imaging, diagnostic imaging, PACS, 3D rendering, and medical visualization.

Key Advantages:
Exceptional Graphics Performance: AMD W series, NVIDIA Quadro RTX, or Barco® MXRT graphics cards provide outstanding performance, catering to the most demanding requirements of medical imaging and diagnostic tasks.

Designed for Reliability: The HP Z4 G4 workstation with these graphics cards is meticulously designed and rigorously tested to meet the exacting standards of healthcare professionals, ensuring consistent and dependable performance.

Wide Compatibility: AMD W series, NVIDIA Quadro RTX, or Barco® MXRT graphics cards exhibit high compatibility with a diverse array of professional software applications, including those commonly employed in radiology and healthcare settings.

Peace of Mind

Elevate your radiology practice with HP Z4 G4's unwavering commitment to security through HP Wolf Security. With HP Wolf Security on your side, you can focus wholeheartedly on delivering accurate diagnoses and exceptional patient care, knowing that your valuable work remains protected against evolving digital threats. Trust in the fortified defenses of HP Z4 G4 and its tailored security features, designed to empower radiologists like you to thrive in a secure digital landscape.

Engineered for Reliability and Performance

When it comes to your critical work, rely on the HP Z4 G4 workstation with utmost confidence. With a staggering 360,000 hours of rigorous testing behind it, this desktop has proven its durability and reliability. Built to military-standard testing, you can rest assured that it can handle the toughest conditions.

Furthermore, our workstation is certified to support industry-leading software, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal performance for your specialized tasks. Whether you're working on complex simulations, heavy rendering, or data-intensive projects, the HP Z4 G4 is designed to handle your heaviest workloads effortlessly, 24/7.

Choose a workstation that won't let you down - the HP Z4 G4, your trusted partner in productivity and performance.

Better for People, Better for the Planet

As a radiologist, choosing our TCO Certified, ENERGY STAR recognized, and EPEAT evaluated Z by HP lineup not only enhances your diagnostic capabilities but also contributes to safeguarding our planet's future. Embrace a solution that aligns with your professional values while actively participating in sustainable practices. Experience the power of HP Z4 G4, designed to elevate both your radiology endeavors and our collective environmental well-being.

Ports & Slots

1. Aluminum handle
2. Front I/O: 4 x USB 3.1 G1 Type-A
3. 1 x Media Card Reader (optional)
4. Headset Audio
5. Rear Handle
6. Power connection
7. Power button
8. Audio Line In/Out
9. Keyboard/ Mouse PS/2
10. 6 x USB 3.1 G1 Type-A
11. 2 x 1GbE Ports

Tech Specs

Manufacturer HP
Processor Intel Xeon W-2245 @ 4.50GHz | 8 Core
Memory 128GB ECC DDR4
Graphics NVIDIA RTX A4000 16GB
Storage 1TB ZTurbo NVMe SSD
Operating System Win10-11 Pro
Weight 25 lbs (11.3 kg)

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