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Barco® Coronis MDCG-3221 3MP 21" Grayscale LED General Radiology Diagnostic Display

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Barco® Coronis MDCG-3221 3MP 21" Grayscale LED General Radiology Diagnostic Display

Renewed / Pair / W/O Protective Glass

Introducing the Barco® Coronis MDCG-3221, a reliable diagnostic radiology display monitor tailored for general radiology applications. With a focus on image quality, it serves various radiology cases, including X-ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, PET CT, and Nuclear Medicine. Engineered with a proprietary Panasonic liquid crystal display, the MDCG-3221 delivers high-definition DICOM-calibrated images, ensuring dependable performance in the medical imaging market, making it a preferred choice among radiologists for precise diagnosis and patient care.

At the core of the Barco® Coronis MDCG-3221 is its front I-Guard sensor, automating DICOM calibration and quality assurance, reducing the need for constant manual recalibration. This feature ensures consistent and reliable image quality, providing radiologists with the precision required for enhanced diagnostic accuracy. The monitor supports both DVI and DisplayPort connectivity, enhancing its versatility and compatibility with various graphics cards and operating systems. The MDCG-3221 also employs Barco® DuraLight LED backlight technology, offering a remarkable 40,000 hours of high bright 500cd/m2 DICOM calibrated luminance. This translates to over 15 years of continuous usage, making it a durable and reliable investment for radiologists prioritizing accuracy, quality, and longevity without resorting to exaggerated claims.

DICOM Calibration with Barco's® I-Guard Technology

The Barco® Coronis MDCG-3221 display is highlighted by Barco's® pioneering I-Guard technology. This notable feature integrates a front-of-screen photometer, constantly evaluating image quality and ensuring precise DICOM calibration. Integrated with Barco's® MediCal QAWeb service, I-Guard empowers radiologists with a holistic solution for effortless calibration management and quality assurance. The adaptive intelligence of I-Guard is tailored to the unique demands of radiology, making it an essential asset for professionals looking to boost diagnostic certainty and refine patient care.

SmoothGray™ for the best DICOM precision

The Barco® Coronis MDCG-3221 features an advanced technology known as SmoothGray, which is designed to enhance DICOM precision. This proprietary technology focuses on refining grayscale accuracy to improve the visibility of subtle details in medical images. SmoothGray accomplishes this by creating a smooth palette of grayscales, aiding radiologists in distinguishing fine differences in shades of gray, which is crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. As a result, the MDCG-3221 is recognized for its image quality and precision.

PPU (Per Pixel Uniformity)

PPU (Per Pixel Uniformity) represents a significant technological advancement that positively impacts the image quality on Barco® diagnostic monitors. PPU's role is to ensure even luminance across each individual pixel, preserving the integrity and consistency of displayed grayscales. In contrast to traditional monitors, where brightness and color can vary from one screen area to another, Barco® Coronis 3MP monitors with PPU technology maintain uniformity across the entire display. This luminance consistency leads to more accurate and reliable images, which is essential for detailed analysis and diagnosis in medical fields. In essence, PPU's uniform luminance technology enhances the fidelity of visual data, contributing to improved diagnostic accuracy.

Power Efficiency Meets Connectivity

Designed to optimize efficiency and versatility, the Barco® Coronis MDCG-3221 is