Philips SpeechMike Premium With Integrated Barco®de Scanner Dictation Microphone (LFH3600)

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Philips SpeechMike Premium With Integrated Barco®de Scanner Dictation Microphone (LFH3600)

The microphone area of the SpeechMike Premium is made of many different layers to make it sound as clear and original as possible. One of those is a fleece inserted above and below the microphone capsule. The fleece filters out sound distortions such as pop and hisses noise, guaranteeing perfect results even if dictating closely into the microphone.

Free floating, decoupled for precise recording

The microphone in the new SpeechMike Premium is decoupled from its housing for the most incredible crystal clear recording performance ever to be delivered by a desktop dictation device. The completely redesigned microphone suspension guarantees that almost no background, touch, click, air or structure-borne noise is recorded. This technique is derived from studio microphones to make sure there are no sound distortions whatsoever – and to guarantee outstanding speech recognition results.

Optimized grille and pop filter for crystal clear sound

The metal grille comes with specially designed hexagonal openings which allow three times more sound to reach the microphone than its predecessor, engineered to provide crystal clear recordings. A fleece inserted above and below the microphone capsule filters out sound distortions such as pop and hiss noise, guaranteeing perfect results even if dictating closely into the microphone.

Integrated motion sensor mutes microphone when not in use

Being on the cutting edge of technology, the SpeechMike Premium Air comes with an integrated motion sensor, meaning it can be controlled by the movement of your hand. It detects when it’s put on the table, mutes the microphone, and once it is being picked up again it unmutes the microphone. In addition to that, custom events can be programmed, e.g., to pause and to continue the recording.

Up to 60 cm / 23 Inches Barcode Scanning

Effortlessly connect client or patient data to recorded files by scanning a barcode, automating the integration of information into dictation files and enhancing documentation efficiency. Precise entry of identifying details boosts security and the prospect of cost savings. The device is customizable to automatically input scanned codes into the appropriate fields, eliminating the need to manipulate the mouse cursor manually. The SpeechMike Premium extends its capabilities by allowing barcode scanning from a distance of up to 60 cm / 23 inches, doubling the range compared to its predecessor. This advancement not only amplifies operational reach but also signifies a significant technological upgrade, offering users a more versatile and efficient solution for managing and securing sensitive information in the healthcare or client management context.

Large speaker area for premium playback

Compared to its predecessor, the SpeechMike Premium is equipped with a double sized-speaker area that enables it to play back recordings in clear and crisp quality.

Ergonomically shaped for perfect fit in the hand

The device is designed to fit perfectly into the hand and reduce unintentional pressing of buttons. The trigger and the ‘command’ button on the back of the device are engineered to be in easy reach for the fingers.

Trackball for integrated mouse function

The device comes with a trackball. This allows the user to easily control and navigate within applications while recording, without having to switch between the mouse and microphone. The trackball can even be taken out of the device for cleaning, if this should ever be required. The self-lubricated and abrasive resistant Teflon bearings guarantee a smooth operation over the entire lifetime.

Wear-free slide switch and push buttons for operation

The SpeechMike Premium Air comes with slide-switch or push-button operation. The slide switch is ergonomically shaped with a softly ribbed surface for smooth tactile feedback and comfortable and intuitive utilization.

Configurable function keys for a personalized workflow

The Philips SpeechMike Premium is the most advanced dictation microphone to date – and to give the user even more room to personalize their devices, Philips has added an instruction key at the top of the control panel – of course fully and freely user configurable, especially useful for programming speech recognition commands.

Seamless Compatibility and Customization

The SpeechMike Premium boasts compatibility with both Mac and Windows operating systems, seamlessly integrating into virtual environments like Citrix, VMware, and Hyper-V. Its adaptability extends to customization through SpeechControl, the user-friendly Philips hardware management tool. This feature-rich device ensures a versatile and efficient user experience across diverse platforms, making it a reliable choice for those operating in varied computing environments. Whether on a Mac or Windows system or within virtual landscapes, the SpeechMike Premium, managed through SpeechControl, delivers a streamlined and tailored solution, showcasing its commitment to user convenience and flexibility in hardware configuration.

Hygienic surface

The hygienic surface of the SpeechMike housing physically hinders the colonization of germs and thus improves the efficiency of the usual measures for disinfecting the device. The polished, high quality pearl metal surface also makes the device non-sensitive to touch noises and fingerprints.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Philips
MFG Part# LFH3600
Output Ports Wired
Output Ports 1 free USB port
Weight 7.0 oz (200g)

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