Save $13 NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 Medical Power Cord (BT-NEMA515P)

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The Monoprice NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 Medical Power Cord is a specialized power cable designed for medical equipment. Here's a breakdown of its components and functionality:

  • This is the standard plug found in North America, commonly used for electrical outlets. It has three prongs - two flat parallel blades (hot and neutral) and a ground pin.

  • This is the female end of the cable, which is designed to connect to a wide range of medical equipment. The IEC 60320 standard ensures compatibility and safety for electrical connections. The specific type of connector may vary depending on the application, but it typically includes features such as locking mechanisms to ensure a secure connection.

  • The term "Medical" in the description indicates that the cable is built to meet stringent safety and reliability standards required for use in medical environments. This may include features such as enhanced insulation, strain relief, and durability to withstand frequent use and cleaning procedures.

  • The cable length can vary depending on the specific product, but it's typically available in various lengths to accommodate different setups. The gauge of the wire determines its capacity to carry electrical current safely. For medical equipment, the cable is likely to have a sufficient gauge to handle the power requirements of the devices it's intended for.

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