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Dell Precision 7820 Workstation | Dual Xeon Silver 4110 @ 3.0GHz | 16-Core | 128GB ECC DDR4 | 1TB SSD | AMD WX 7100 | Win11 Pro

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Dell Precision 7820 Workstation | Dual Xeon Silver 4110 @ 3.0GHz | 16-Core | 128GB ECC DDR4 | 1TB SSD | AMD WX 7100 | Win11 Pro

Experience the power of reliability and precision with the Dell Precision 7820 Workstation, designed to meet the demanding needs of radiologists and healthcare professionals. Crafted with a commitment to excellence and equipped with essential features, this workstation offers a compelling blend of capabilities without resorting to exaggerated claims or hype.

Precision Unleashed: Custom-Built Workstations for You

Tailor your workstation to exact specifications by customizing storage, memory, graphics cards, and more. Reach out with your specific requirements, and we will provide a detailed quote for a custom solution designed to meet your unique needs. Whether you require enhanced storage capacity, expanded memory capabilities, or advanced graphics performance, our customization options ensure that your workstation aligns perfectly with your professional and technical requirements. Contact us today, and let our team assist you in creating a personalized and high-performance computing solution tailored to elevate your workflow and meet the demands of your specific work environment.

Peak Performance

Experience enhanced business performance with up to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ and Xeon® vPro® processors. Tailored for businesses, these processors embody the reliability, manageability, built-in security features, and stability synonymous with Intel® architecture. Aligned with a future-proof roadmap, they provide a foundation for sustained technological relevance. The 10th Gen Intel® Core™ and Xeon® vPro® processors empower businesses with robust performance capabilities, streamlined manageability, and advanced security features. Their stability and forward compatibility ensure a dependable and adaptable platform, supporting businesses in meeting evolving technological demands and securing a path to continued efficiency and innovation.

Adapts to your innovations

Elevate your Precision 7820 Tower for intricate projects, from virtual reality to AI workflows, leveraging the next-generation AMD Radeon Pro™ and top-tier NVIDIA Quadro® RTX™ graphics. This workstation accommodates up to 600W of graphics power, enabling the use of up to 300W per card in a single CPU system. Whether engaging in complex simulations or graphics-intensive tasks, the advanced graphics capabilities ensure seamless performance for demanding projects. With support for high-powered GPUs, the Precision 7820 Tower stands as a reliable and powerful solution, ready to tackle the challenges of modern computational workflows and deliver exceptional results in virtual reality and AI applications.

Brainpower that matches yours

Experience superior performance with the latest Intel Xeon vPro processor Scalable Family, tailored to power your most demanding applications. This advanced processor architecture delivers optimal efficiency and responsiveness, addressing the intensive computing requirements of modern applications. Whether managing complex computations, running resource-intensive software, or handling data-intensive tasks, the Xeon vPro processor Scalable Family stands as a robust solution, providing the processing power necessary for seamless execution. Its cutting-edge capabilities enhance overall system performance, ensuring efficiency and responsiveness in handling diverse workloads. With this processor at the helm, you can trust in a reliable and powerful computing experience, capable of meeting the challenges posed by your most demanding applications.

Drown out distraction

Enhance your work environment with a workstation that prioritizes quiet efficiency. The innovative multichannel thermal design ensures advanced cooling and acoustics, promoting a tranquil atmosphere during intense workloads. Stay focused on your tasks without unnecessary distractions, as the workstation operates quietly, providing a conducive working environment. The efficient cooling system maintains optimal performance without compromising the peace of your workspace. With a commitment to minimizing noise levels, this workstation allows you to concentrate on your work without disruptions, offering a balanced blend of functionality and tranquility for a productive work experience.

Groundbreaking innovation

The Precision 7820 Tower, with its innovative FlexBay design, front access, hot-swappable storage, and advanced multichannel thermals, remains resilient under pressure. This unique design ensures adaptability, allowing your workstation to evolve seamlessly with your ideas, regardless of where they lead you. The FlexBay design provides flexibility, while front access and hot-swappable storage enhance convenience, simplifying upgrades and modifications. The multichannel thermals contribute to efficient cooling, maintaining optimal performance even during demanding tasks. As your creative or professional pursuits evolve, the Precision 7820 Tower stands ready to accommodate changes, offering a scalable and reliable platform that supports your ideas and growth over time.

Intelligence that matches yours

Dell Optimizer for Precision is an integrated AI platform that learns and adapts to your work style, creating a personalized and efficient experience. This built-in AI, combined with Intel® Adaptix™ Technology, dynamically adjusts performance levels to enhance efficiency, allowing you to launch frequently used apps faster. The platform continually refines its understanding of your workflow, optimizing performance where it matters most. The combination of AI intelligence and Adaptix™ Technology ensures a seamless and tailored computing experience, adapting to your preferences for enhanced productivity. With Dell Optimizer for Precision, your workstation becomes a smart and responsive tool, optimizing performance based on your usage patterns and providing a more efficient and personalized workflow.

Front View Ports & Slots

The Dell 7820 Workstation Tower is equipped with a versatile array of ports, ensuring seamless connectivity for diverse professional needs.
1. Power button

2. Drive activity light 

3. SD card slot 

4. USB 3.2 ports 

5. USB 3.2 Type-C™ port with PowerShare 

6. USB 3.2 Type-C™ port 

7. Headset port 

8. 5.25 inch bay (optional) 

9. Optical drive 

10. Drive access release latch 

11. Drive carriers 

12. Microphone/Line-in port 

Rear View Ports & Slots

The Dell 7820 Workstation Tower is equipped with a versatile array of ports, ensuring seamless connectivity for diverse professional needs.

12. Microphone/Line-in port 

13. PS/2 Mouse port 

14. USB 3.2 ports 

15. Discrete graphics card slot (optional) 

16. Padlock ring 

17. Security cable slot 

18. Power cable connector 

19. Line-out port 

20. Serial port 

21. PS/2 Keyboard port 

22. Network port 

23. USB 3.2 port (supports smart Power-On) 

24. Expansion card slots Exclusive Offer

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Tech Specs

Manufacturer Dell
MFG Part# 210-AMDT
Graphics AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 8GB
Memory 128GB DDR4 2666MHz
Operating System Win11 Pro
Processor Xeon Silver 4110 @ 3.0GHz | 16-Core
Storage 1TB SSD (2 x 500GB RAID0)
Weight 34 lbs (15.4 kg)

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