The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a privacy rule stating that Protected Health Information (PHI) identifying an individual cannot be disclosed or used, except as permitted. As an independent contractor providing digitizing service for x-ray film and associated papers that may contain PHI, Bayland strictly adheres to HIPAA’s stringent privacy policies.

All documents are secured by the designated security officer according to our information security policies and procedures. These procedures are periodically reviewed and updated with a period of six months to maximize security and compliance with new regulations.

All employees are instructed about the information security policies and procedures via training sessions and all employees have full access to the information security policies and procedures at any time. All employees are required to be fully compliant with the provided information security guidelines.

Formal information security risk assessments are held annually to help reducing secured information loss or breach.

All sensitive information including (but not limited to) personal and health information are encrypted when sent through public networks or stored on mobile computers as well as portable storage devices.

Document backups are regularly created and updated to avoid information loss in case of an unexpected disaster.

Detailed breach response plans are laid out and a response team is designated to take immediate action.